I’m looking to commit to my creative endeavours here on permanent basis, and will probably do so in some form regardless. But the more support I get, the more I can do, so whatever help you can give is much appreciated.

Most of all, I need to (re)grow my audience, so if you appreciate whatever you find here, spread the word through whatever channels seem proper to you. In the long run, publicity is the currency we want.

If you want to support me financially on an ongoing basis, by all means check out my patreon page here. You can access some extra goodies and make yourself heard for pocket change each month, and every little bit helps.

If you just want to give one-time donation, the paypal button below is ready and waiting.

I appreciate that not everyone is disposed to give. That’s quite alright. I understand the current state of planetary entropy has hit a lot of people in the wallet. Addressing the global resource crisis is, after all, a big part of why I do what I do. Thanks in advance, in any case.

One thought on “Support the Alchemical Initiative

  1. I’m SO thankful to have found your podcast! It is full of delicious data bits perfectly setting the tone while I mine the info garbage mines of the interwebs for those elusive fragments of sacred inspirations and holy gnosis. I’m on this cycle of The Art of Memory work coupled with a revisiting of texts relating to amour courtois (courtly love)- as I am inspired to work out the similarities of this Love Work, with the Alchymical processes.. Obviously, they are connected through the Sufi’s ecstatic love traditions- alchemy of love.. Ah, anyways I’m rambling, I’m just very impressed by your range of knowledge and understanding. You are very adept, so rare to meet someone who is actually engaged in the hard work. I hope we can talk sometime. If you are on fb my name is Aenor le Musae there, or my email is erosdevotee@gmail.com. I hope this finds you well!

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