The Mosaic Effect: season 2, episode 3: chaos theory

  What do Richard Branson, Howard Bloom and ‘the Elders’ all have in common? and how does it portent the disintegration of the global human superorganism?

  I’m sure you’ve all laid awake at night wondering what the answer to that one might be…

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The Mosaic Effect: season 2 , episode 2: start with yourself


A bit more of a rant than usual. we start off with a bit of a tip of the hat to world war III and rapidly diverge into situationism and guy debord, addiction to spectacle, and the longing for chaos that comes from thwarted evolution, leading to the only real solution to feeling like crap.

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The Mosaic Effect: season 2, episode 1: Shoot

A clean slate, and return to our roots with the mosaic effect as we explore the hidden nature of current events and random occurrences.

We begin with a dip into the headlines for a pass at the recent squall of school shootings. In so doing we touch upon bowling for columbine, the american frontier, the recently deceased dr. hyatt, willful fragmentation, and the proliferation of the no-exit reality tunnel. no prior knowledge or occult background  required.

apologies for the spotty audio quality. we’re due for new mic, it seems.

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The Mosaic Effect 33: The View from a Bucket

Well, here’s another one I’m somewhat pleased with. A freewheeling exploration of the concept of the magickal will and how it ties into linear and non-linear thinking, among other things.

  Euclid, Riemann, Liebnitz, geometric spacetime manifolds, the corrosive poison of consensus, catastrophic fractures of the reality grid, and scraping off the candy coating of individual neurosis on your way to the power of god on earth.

  And the bucket.   Mustn’t forget the bucket….

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The Mosaic Effect 31: Common Sense is Not So Common

   Ahhh… here we are again. You almost forgot I did this stuff, didn’t you?

    But anyway. Some things on my mind, which touch upon our recent climate debate, politcs in general, and the pernicous nature of philosophical( or even worse, spiritual) relatavism.

   Plato and platonism, the buddha, existentialism, mob psychology, a bunch of labored breathing, some traffic noise, and a bit of politcal theory.

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The Mosaic Effect 30: Exploding in all Directions

And we’re back again, broadcasting from the seagull laden inner harbor.

This time around we delve back into some futurism, or perhaps meta-futurism, as we discuss my own predictive methods, and how it contrasts those of others. And ultimately, how most of them share the same underlying simple math.

In some ways you could think of this as an appendix to my by-now-infamous future predictions series, which you will find, along with some related items, here.
Apologies if I’m more dazed and meandering than usual. Trying to get back in the swing of things.

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Time to shoot the curve all over again…