The Mosaic Effect: season three, episode three- the grudge match of Emptiness and Form

alrighty: I did my best to clear up as much confusion as possible as to the nature of fundamental wisdom, and the accompanying moral transfigurations made possible thereby. there’s some stuff dealing systematically with various kinds of objections and misgivings over the traditional conception of the fully enlightened, and other such goodies.

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The Mosaic Effect: season three, episode one-The Truth About Barky

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okay, in case you missed my initial offering via twitter, here is our return to the world of audio. I’m striving to bring up our production values, so I hope you’ll excuse the awkward bits as I get back into the groove. Had to essentially recreate my setup from scratch for this.

In any event: some considerations on barack in a spiral dynamics context, some ruminations on the cognitive dissonance of authenticity, deep ambivalence, and some denunciations of ‘consensus’ in the political arena.

for those of you who don’t know squat about spiral dynamics, or just want to hear me lose my shit over it, I’d recommend episodes 19, 20 and 20 1/2 of the mosaic effect.

onwards and upwards!

The Mosaic Effect: season 2,episode 7: it’s just a myth

     this one’s gift-wrapped for all my fundamentalist friends out there…

  a slightly out of sequence podcast, but it took me a couple weeks to edit down to something reasonable, wherein we examine the mania for true facts and the mistaken belief that this is always a good thing.

 And by way of illustration we bump that up against some recent research I’ve been doing into christian scholarship, and we can look forward to delighting our dispensationalist friends with a bunch of things that they probably won’t understand, but it’s probably better that they don’t, anyway. That’s how we got into this mess.

 and therein lies the point…

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The Mosaic Effect: season 2,episode 6: nothing can ever really happen again

A few false starts, and some distractions, but here we are again, such as it is…

   we diagnose a certain cultural condition where people embrace apocalyptic thinking, but shy away from any action. In so doing, we reference various cults and fads such as peak oil, evangelical christianity and the singularity, pulp fiction and the simpsons, and then tie it up with my main man, the marshall mcluhan.

A meandering podcast that maybe doesn’t get anywhere that talks about how culture meanders and never quite goes anywhere. oh the irony…

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The Mosaic Effect: season 2, episode 5: the illusion of safety

     This one goes every which way, as we continue variations on our theme, and discuss the human desire for stability and predictability from many angles.

 We touch on nassim nicholas taleb and black swan events,  the buddhist marks of existance, james lovelock and the three legged stool of gaia, metastability vs equilibrium,  the futility of prediction, and the dangers of waking up out of the swarm.

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The Mosaic Effect:season 2,episode 4: choose your poison

     I put on my cultural imperialist, racist and reactionary progressive hat, in order to talk about why nobody can seem to resist our toxic way of life.

  In so doing we touch on memetics, guns, germs and steel, the myth of the noble primitive, and how the monoculture is exterminating a whole new round of vulnerable people, and why it might be a good thing.

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It’s a good thing I don’t do this to make friends…