Systematic for the People 8: Gather it up, then let it go forever

…and so we round up this first phase of systematic for the people, in a nice tidy box of grandiose visionary experiences and textbook mysticism.

I’d like to leave these eight as a clear backbone for everything else. You can play around all you like, but these foundational techniques have stood the test of time.  ignore at one’s own peril.

While the series will continue, I might play around a bit with some other stuff first. It would probably be worthwhile to re read some of the alchemy for the braindamaged stuff, for a nice psychological spin dry cycle, if you hadn’t already. You may find the difference interesting once you’re moving a bit more energy around with that brain of yours, to play some of the language and imagery games I present there with more fuel in the furnace.

So be careful, y’all.

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Systematic for the People 7: Wave of Dissolution


As we come to our penultimate chapter dealing with the limbs of ‘yoga’, I have to cease my relentless browbeating and instead exhort one to love, reflection, relaxation and release from false evidence appearing real.

In so doing, the door opens to infinity, or at least some really kickass moves on the basketball court.

Peak experiences, boundry dissolution, foci for concentration, and why some things are easier to focus on than others.

as tyler durden once said; you are not special, you are the same decaying organic matter as everything else. Who knew he was referring to the fundamental unity beyond the ego?

step right in,  space monkeys…

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Systematic for the People 6: Siddha Supermassive


If you’ve ever wanted to be a radiant loci of mind force, surrounded by swooning tantric initiates, drunk on the ecstacy of your own communion with primordial mind, throwing off sparks of yogic power to be harvested by the devoted and virtuous… well this is how you do that.

If you just wanna kick some ass on PS3, then this is also how you do that.

If you just wanna know how to sit still for a hour without losing your mind, you are also in luck.

It’s concentration, baby, and there is no accomplishment without concentration.

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Systematic for the People 5: Cast Adrift

…and now for the hard stuff.

I get the dubious privelage of leveling an across the board critique of pretty much all western esotercism from the last hundred years at least.

And it’s all rooted in a simple idea: that consciousness should not be led around by the senses.

The name of the game is pratyahara, and in so playing we brush upon john lilly, the master therion, the road of excess, staring into the toilet bowl and spiritually conscious outlets for jacking off.

Yes, sometimes even I wonder where I come up with this shit, but I’m getting a thousand  downloads every 6 days or so,  so I must be doing something right.  Thank you for your kind indulgence.

and now that I mention it, if some of ye multitudes were to wander over to my donations page and drop a few bucks, that would be swell.  I’d like to quit my job now. I’d ask for worshipfull groupies, but I doubt Alaina would dig that very much, so it’s the tip jar or nothing, girls!

Off you go!

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Systematic for the People 4: The Invisible Fire

Ok. Up until now you could probably get away with screwing around with this stuff. Even going as far as asana will make you significantly harder than most of the people  in this game.

But if you start doing some of these pranayama excercises and you don’t do your homework, and you don’t lay down some preparations for a potentially rude awakening, then I take no responsibility for what happens to you.

The mental health ‘industry’ is slowly defining a category for people who fuck themselves up with practices like this, so tread carefully.

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Systematic for the People 3: Walking the Walk


I’m going to assume that you don’t want to be decrepit and sick, that you want to live long and stay active, that you’d like to be able to fight and win when you need to, and hold your ground in a clash of wills.

With that in mind I feel good in recommending the practice of asana.   It’s not like pilates. Although you ‘d probably end up with a decent six-pack anyway if you tried hard enough. Magick is good for all kinds of things…

So suck it up, stand up straight, and get ready to pull your shit together.

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Systematic for the People 2: Furious Engines


Say it with me: crap practice equals crap results.

So with that in mind, we strive at the outset to make sure that you take all your newly pent up energy and do something useful with it, in hopes of you not ending up some sad, crazy, burned out fucker who thought he/she was too hardcore or sophisticated to follow the rules, talking shit about all your ‘attainments’ to a bunch of neophytes who might eventually know better but probably won’t.

…inner and outer hygiene, contentment, building up heat, hitting the books, and surrendering to real power.

cleanse your jaded pallete and hook yourself up with some basic training here.

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