Solve Everything-Season 1, Episode 2: We (Still) Have to Talk About Trump (Voters)

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Okay. Pressing onward through our post-traumatic election phase, in this episode we take up whether all the liberals and progressives and lefty snobs were just being mean to Trump voters, and if so, were they right to do so? This opens the deeper question of how anyone was even placed in the position of voting for such an abjectly unqualified person, which in turn brings up the question of social gatekeepers, and our somewhat fraught relationship with the concept of people who are supposed to decide what we see and hear. All of this culminates in the question of whether we really believe in such things as intellectual or moral virtue, and if we do, whether we’re willing to say that we do.

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Solve Everything- Season 1, Episode 1: Coming Back For Everything

Hello friends, new and old. We’re back to stay, and we mean business.

Solve Everything is an ongoing exercise in expanding the mind to find solutions to the great existential problems of our time. And of course we start with the  American election of a proto-fascist president, and the deeper question of what this means to our psychological well-being, going forward.

Short answer: No more thinking short term. No more compromises on fundamentals. No more spurious false equivalences.No more half-hearted scare-quoted commitments to The Good, The True, and The Beautiful.  We tried happy fun time incremental progress with Barack Obama, and look where that got us. Internet trolls, 4chan nazis, and postmodern authoritarians now run the show.

Time to dust yourself off, and come on back to the table. And if you’re coming back at all, you better be coming back for everything…

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notes from occupy: 2011


I sat on this for long time, because I was frankly embarrassed by some of my conclusions and loss of objectivity during the heyday of the occupy movement.  Looking at it again, there is a lot of merit in the theoretical side, so I’ve decided to let it out.  Try to appreciate my flawed predictions from the time, and I’ll bookend this from my current perspective with new podcast sometime soon.

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two years since my last released recordings? yup.

Loose Threads

Just a couple odds and ends left from the hunger strike, then I’ll have something new in a couple days. promise.

first my skype  sit down with resiliency and disaster swami Vinay Gupta. a little wooly for the straight activist crowd, but quite fine here.

second, a pretty extensive audio interview with a local volunteer journalist, who despite being overworked, and sincerely inept, at least gave me free reign to speak my mind. very comprehensive.

and lastly, the laugh riot that was my appearance at a chilean torture ship in the local harbor, and ensuing podcast interview. I  got invited to submit to a local ‘street’ newspaper off the back of this, so turned out okay.

things will make more sense having digested all that.

The Philosopher’s Stone: part 8/8- Involution and Entropy

apologies for the outrageous delay, but it’s all done and dusted. Of course, we open more doors than we close, as things go universal, and multi-universal. But somehow we manage to ground things with considerations of our current financial crisis, slash and burn farming, the Byzantine Empire, and ‘Holmes on Holmes’. Plus we discover the ultimate secret of the fearsome and ever-present mental blockage of humanity.

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back in school now, so things are bound to get quiet again, unless I’m feeling really inspired, but I’ll still be keeping an eye on questions or comments. Thanks for comin’ out.