Augoeides Finale 3 of 3: Daemons, and how to live with them


Back to business.

My longest podcast yet, I think, as I spill my backlog of inspiration into a new pocket digital recorder.

It’s all over for the holy guardian angel, as I engage in a pretty lengthy treatment of fundamental wisdom and the cross cultural core of contemplative practice, with a lot of detail from the buddhist perspective, how to become enlightened and what it means, the difference between understanding your story and understanding reality

…oh and something about getting talked to by an unknown intelligence. That was the point, after all, wasn’t it? It’s been awhile. I almost forgot.

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Augoeides Finale 2 of 3: Flowery Atomic Heart

Rounding out my other discussions of concentration practice, we traverse such things as tantric iconography, nirvikalpa samadhi, how to not flame out like a rock star, and how to turn the thwarted idealisation of oneself into a working facsimile of the holy guardian angel.

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We can build this muthafucka… we have the technology.

Augoeides Finale 1 of 3: you don’t have to live like a $%#@ing cockroach

In which I pinch some conceptual structure from the buddha in order to pull it all together.  Enjoy my convalescent,  semi-fevered ravings on virtue, plato vs aristotle, why rationalisation is bullshit, and living a human life. And since I’ve mentioned it so many times; how to find out what your own values actually are.

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Augoeides Roundup


 I recorded and little pocket summary/introduction for those who might be a little uncertain about diving into this blind. or else just can’t be bothered listening to the whole thing:

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Direct download: AUG29-the_morning_after.mp3

more in-depth techincal analysis for the hardcore lifers, to come soon enough…


 Well, seeing as I’m about ready to record the capstone to this self indulgent pig of a project, I thought a pocket summary and roundup of the 28 ( ! ) podcasts in the series so far might be order.

  Some are short, some are long, some are extremely emotional, others detatched and technical, some insightfull, others reactionary…but overall I think you can see the cumulative change brought about in the course of the whole thing. A comprehensive rewrite of my whole being, from the way I think and act, to my job, hobbies, and spiritual practices. Exultation and Despair, and everything in between.

    Certainly I never intended that they all be definitive listening, but more rather as complete a document of a working of this type, as I’m aware of ever being done. Not all of it is essential, or even important, but in the long run I’m content to have it here, warts and all, in the public interest.

   Part of the finale will be summarise the whole thing for those of you who can’t be bothered to listen or re-listen to some 7 hours of material, so while I’m tempted to mark a few of these as recommended listening, I will instead denote the size of each and leave it in your hands.  if you’re curious about a particular piece, the individual posts should tell you a bit more.

 AUG28-if_you_call_I_will_answer.mp3 16 min

AUG27-nothing_else_matters.mp3 19 min

AUG26-crossing_the_threshold.mp3 15 min

AUG25-Peeled_Right_Back.mp3 9 min

AUG24-aint_nuthin_over_till_its_over.mp3 14 min

AUG23-Fall_or_be_Pushed.mp3 13 min

AUG22-A_clutter_of_swords.mp3 14 min

AUG21-to_walk_by_faith.mp3 18 min

AUG20-borne_upon_the_waves.mp3 14 min

AUG19-crowned_in_shadows.mp3 20 min

AUG18-the_serpent_loom.mp3 14 min

AUG17-patience_and_endurance.mp3 10 min

AUG16-exit_strategy.mp3 11 min

AUG15-mask_of_bones.mp3 16 min

AUG14-totality_symbols.mp3 18 min

AUG13-till_the_end_of_the_night.mp3 16 min

AUG12-A_Single_Thread.mp3 11 min

Aug11-_The_Human_Problem.mp3 14 min

Aug10-_Crawling_from_the_Wreckage.mp3 8 min

AUG9-Was_and_Is_and_Will_Be.mp3 23 min

AUG8-I_AM_HE.mp3 10 min

AUG7-_toward_the_center_of_the_weave.mp3 15 min

AUG6-_all_of_me_youre_going_to_get.mp3 28 min

AUG5-Rise_Up.mp3 16 min

AUG4-get_thee_behind_me_satan.mp3 13 min

AUG3-commend_me_into_the_arms_of_demons.mp312 min

AUG2-Laying_it_Down.mp3 17 min

AUG1-priming_for_the_reintegration.mp3 22 min

Augoeides Week 7: If You Call, I Will Answer

This buisiness is like building ships in bottles sometimes.

 The opening you have to see what you’re doing is so small compared to the scope of the task, it’s very easy to overlook things.

   But anyway, here at the end of our regular material for the working, we discuss moving from episodes to lifestyles, and at long last I talk about that voice, and how I ( try to) live with it.

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apologies for the slightly listless tone of late. things is busy down here on the ground, and diverting energy into formal communique can feel a bit awkward at times.  big things in the pipe though, rest assured, and a flourish at the end, for the Augoeides.

Augoeides Week 6: Crossing The Threshold

 It’s not very often I’ve had occasion to pause, and perhaps tremble slightly, at some of the possibilities of my particular lifestyle. Some things you’d like to be ready for, but you’re almost certain you aren’t.

   So we talk a bit about one of those rare intervals, where a truly irrevocable change becomes possible. Things done here, never get undone.

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