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feeling  like I need to re-evaluate a bit. Once I was able to purge the trump-venom out of my system, I found I had to rethink where I wanted to go with podcasts. Plus, I’ve been taking in the changes in the media landscape since my last go around, and I’m thinking my energy is better spent on my areas of specialisation, rather than comprehensive musings. The first 8 episodes of solve everything make for a decent season with a good through line, with some interesting digressions. I’m content to leave it there until something takes shape in my head again for a second season.

I’d always planned to pivot to something more enlightenment-oriented, I just wasn’t thinking I’d do it so soon, but we must follow the inspiration, or we’re just doing a job, right? So, you can look forward to something that looks to come at the whole enlightenment project from first principles, and sets aside as much of the mythology and dogma as possible. And no, that doesn’t mean some tedious neuroscience or materialist reduction. Sam Harris is already doing that, about as well as it can be done. I’m just concerned with building something that is clear in its methods and aims and will actually work for people, provided they are willing to put in the effort.  Having walked many sides of the fence in this game, I find it appalling how much metaphysical bullshit, personality cultism, historical dust-worship, and obscurantism creeps into it. It’s just another thing that people can do, and I’m concerned with helping them do it well. Systematic for the People was my attempt to be reverential, yet relevant and accessible. Getting More Enlightened is a genuine attempt to change the game. Stay tuned.

I’m also halfway through the edits on my novel, so I’ll probably be starting a separate blog to house that, when it’s ready to roll. I’m planning to record the audio book version myself and release it concurrent with print, all for free, so if you can’t live without my mellifluous tones, that will be another way to treat yourself. This is about the most aggressively subversive anti-commercial story imaginable, so I suspect I’ll be content releasing it creative commons and just letting people share it around, to whatever degree they feel moved to do. Stay tuned for that as well.


From the Vault-Doing Yoga, Getting Enlightened

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One of the nice things about having a substantial back catalogue, and having such a long hiatus between outputs, is that I don’t have to feel bad about curating some of my older stuff for a new/old audience.

At the moment my interests in meditation, yoga and enlightenment aren’t at the forefront of my Solve Everything podcasts. I say ‘at the moment’ because it will come back around to that in a fashion that I hope is fairly organic, but I’m sort of focusing on the  problems and contradictions in ‘baseline’ consciousness at the moment, just to set context.

But all that stuff is lurking in the background and you don’t have to dig terribly hard to uncover all kinds of my writing and recording on buddhism, yoga, meditation, various conceptions of enlightenment, and the daily practice involved in doing these sort of things as a lifestyle. I have always sort of straddled the line between occultist and monk, and now I sort of straddle those two along with being an academic philosopher, which in some ways is more like the former and in other ways like the latter.

So without too much further preamble, let’s just show off some of my shinier gems while documenting the path to yogic mastery and enlightenment. And by all means also look into the  links on my sidebar to exemplary practitioners like Shinzen Young, or Dharma Dan Ingram’s Mastering the Core Teachings of the Buddha, or check out the meditation app showcased on Cutting Machinery, constructed in consultation with enlightened disaster swami extraordinaire Vinay Gupta, I believe.

If I had to pick the one longer-form project I’m proudest of, it would be Systematic for the PeopleThen and now there are always tons of ‘spiritual’ frauds and obscurantists, or just the genuinely confused, who never got beyond their first Ayahuasca trip or Robert Anton Wilson book, and are now lost in the wilderness of crumbling reality. This was my humble ( or as close as I get) attempt  at a compact treatment of the traditional limbs of hindu yoga, which, considering the functional core of western enlightenment traditions have mostly been irretrievably lost ( with certain qualifications) under layers of symbolism and code, has mostly taken over as the core of  what western tradition there is in the present, as Uncle Aleister was at pains to point out in his Eight Lectures on Yoga.

And, of course, it is often overlooked that Gotama the Buddha was an accomplished Yogi along these lines, and assumed most of his students would be too, to some degree, so if you’re banging your head against the dharma without effect, the lack of something like this might be why.

Once you’ve got some yoga under your belt then you can shift gears into my  short introductory essay on Buddhism itself, which is in some ways a simplified, and in other ways a re-oriented yogic path for the specific purpose of extinguishing  the fundamental delusion at the core of human consciousness.

And if you want some insight into how the Buddhist path links up with western esoterism or magick, then the three part finale to the otherwise rambling train wreck of my Augoeides series is pretty nice for that.

You can find any number of journals and practice diaries for my own progress of insight and enlightenment by using the search bar, and there are plenty of little gems I’m happy to stand behind now, but  my current most compact and succinct treatment of the metaphysics (or rather lack thereof) of enlightenment ( as opposed to the method of practice, which have evolved a fair bit) would probably still be found here , with some caveats.

That’s probably enough for now. Get woke, already! …Cough.