Hey. I’m zac. this is my place.

My interests include such things as meditation, philosophy ( especially western analytic and ancient greek), conspiracy theory (particularly as social/psychological phenomena), resource crises, energy and economic politics, futurism, cultural criticism, podcasting, the occult/magick, shamanism, fasting, buddhist dharma, and a whole host of other things which elude me at this very moment.

I’m well aware sorting your way through the pile can be a bit of project, so let me provide a few signposts for the newbie. You will also find some more help in the comments below here.

If you want to know more about me as a person, see my self-introductory podcast, this blog post( somewhat outdated), or the whole augoiedes series of podcasts, which is pretty much all about self examination to a rather horrifying degree.

If you’re looking for the practical/useful then the ‘systematic for the people’ podcast series is a fairly concise treatment of the yogic path of personal development layered with a fair bit of contemporary theory.

Or perhaps try the ‘alchemy for the braindamaged’ series, which is essentially a kind of self help manual mashed up out of tarot symbolism, hermetic sorcery, and NLP, to stretch your imagination and sense of your own responsibilities. You can also find this as a 79 page downloadable pdf here, courtesy of some anonymous fan.  I hope to extensively update and revise this at some point in the near future.

The futurism category is pretty much what it sounds like. I did a three part series way back that is probably some of the thinking I’m most proud of and seems to have been vindicated pretty well.

The occult conspiracy/ satanism category will perhaps furrow some brows.  This is a grab bag of the mysterious, the criminal, the frightening, and the conspiratorial, all viewed through a somewhat occult consciousness-change kinda lens.  Dreaming Saturn and a podcast I did called ‘the sleep of forgetting’ kind of summarise my view on these slightly unsavoury topics.  I also did an episode which was a rather oblique and abstract treatment of 9/11 that turned out not too badly.

If you’re not terrified, appalled, or hopelessly confused after that, you’ll fit right in. Please ask if you need any other help.

best wishes,


27 thoughts on “A Proper Introduction

  1. Hey zac, I just got a position as a DJ at a local college radio station, and since we are allowed a large degree of creative freedom in the content what each volunteer DJ may broadcast, I thought it might be cool to try airing some of your stuff. Only with your permission, of course.

    If I did so, I would need to edit out profanity to comply with FCC regulations, and it would also be mixed in with ambient / experimental music to keep the listeners entertained. If that’s okay with you, then we could put your url in our online playlists, and inform listeners of where the recording came from.

    Look forward to hearing from you!

  2. sure. by all means.

    garret from hollow earth radio in seattle has been airing some of my stuff lately. so it’s not unprecidented.

    since you’re dj’ing it’ll be easier for you to intro people into what they’re hearing. I had to record an intro piece for garret, as he was doing the systematic for the people series in order.

    so knock yourself out. I wouldn’t be adverse to recording something specificly for your purposes either, and putting it up here as well.

  3. Awesome, thanks man. If you want to provide some sort of brief audio intro about your work, I’d be happy to play it before delving into each episode. Otherwise, maybe I could just announce your url for anyone who wants more info, and perhaps read a quote or two from your About page.

    I think I’d like to start by playing some early Mosaic Effect episodes (if I do one, or possibly even two, per week, those should last a good long while), and observe the reaction from listeners.

    Again, thanks. Your stuff has been an inspiration to me personally, so I’m looking forward to sharing it with others who might benefit from it.

  4. Hey. I found this place by accident when looking up for info on the Holy Guardian Angel. Your blog looks interesting, but I don’t know how to approach it all. There’s a lot of content, and the categories are rather confusing for me. Do you have any suggestions on what might be a good way to approach your writings here?


  5. Basically, it’s a personal development blog with an alchemical or magickal slant. The categories of “alchemy for the braindamaged,” “systematic for the people,” and others cover different aspects of the whole self-growth/self-examination. It all chronicles the writer’s experiences and experiments with such things while providing the reader which practical advice for how to undertake them.

  6. As a reader, if I had to give recommendations on where to start, I would advise newcomers to check out the different series of both writings and recordings. By reading/listening to the first few episode of each series, you’d get an idea of what that is in store for the additional installments.

    Below I’ve linked to the first installment of each “series” available on this site. To get to additional installments of any of these, find the corresponding link in the “Categories” sidebar. No matter what you’re looking for, I think the best approach is a gradual (or at least initial) immersion in all of the different “series”… everything is interconnected.

    Alchemy for the Braindamaged (written)

    The Mosaic Effect (spoken)

    Systematic for the People (spoken)

    Augoeides (spoken)

    Evolution by the Numbers (written)

  7. thank you gentlemen. Once again, I am embarrassed by the dilligence of my audience.

    the only thing I might add is the introductory podcast I did here:


    when I was visiting tim boucher in seattle we agreed that my site was like ‘Anthony Robbins for people who have done lots of drugs’

    which is kind of odd, since I don’t do drugs anymore. Perhaps, like salvador dali, I AM drugs…

  8. Great, thanks a lot guys. I went to the earliest post in the archives trying to find an introduction, but it looked like it just jumped straight into stuff so I was a bit confused. Thanks for the tips on how to get stuck into it all everyone, I look forward to it. =)

    By the way, I listened to the “I am Jack’s HGA” podcast already (that was the page I originally found). Very interesting. I hadn’t even thought to interpret Fight Club in that way.

  9. Zac, I don’t believe that I recall any mention of Herman Hesse in ayour writings, which is a bit surprising to me considering how closely his ideas–especially those from the book Demian–run with the Jungian and Platonic themes you explore here. Have you read Demian or any other of Hesse’s works?

  10. This past weekend I listened to a few hours of lecture by Robert Anton Wilson… it was my first time I’d read or listened to anything he’s had to say.

    Aside from the expected feast of new ideas he brought up, I found that his lecture provided an unbelievable amount of context for all the stuff you’ve been writing/recording. For a while I’ve wondered about “the one thing zac has to say, if you boiled it all down” and have had varying bits of success answering this question. After hearing that small bit of RAW, though, the overlap made about 18 different things a whole lot more clear, in some way.

    To steal a metaphor from a previous commentor, it was indeed like looking into the same old house through a previously un-peered through window. I suppose my point has to do with context, then… it can surely be a very powerful and informing thing.

  11. Hey, for what it’s worth, I wanted to drop a line of apology. Not the sort of apology you saw in the earlier thread where I only attempted to save face, but a genuine apology where I own up to my previous rudeness. That sort of behavior is not worthy of who I am, and who I want to be. You can expect better from me.

  12. Well Zac, after periodically doing live on-air mixes of several of your episodes with various ambient music on-the-fly, I decided I wanted to try taking it up a notch and edit something together ahead of time so that each change in the music mood and tempo would really match up with what was being said. Here are the results of my first such experiment in that vein:

    MP3 format:
    [audio src="http://bitscape.org/green/2007/10/alchemically_braindamaged_zac_with_dust_brothers-jacks_holy_guardian_angel-dj_bitscape_f-bombed-up_mix.mp3" /]
    Ogg Vorbis format:
    [audio src="http://bitscape.org/green/2007/10/alchemically_braindamaged_zac_with_dust_brothers-jacks_holy_guardian_angel-dj_bitscape_f-bombed-up_mix.ogg" /]
    (Roughly 28 megs and just under 30 minutes long)

    Little story behind the title: Due in large part to my own procrastination (but not wanting to wait another week to put it out), I found myself busily churning away with the sound editor on my home computer right up until less than an hour before air time. Finishing just under the wire, I didn’t have time to sit back and give it a full final listen, so I just burned a cd and ran out the door.

    Later in the studio, after hitting the play button, everything sounded good, so I took a moment to just sit back, relax, and enjoy the results. Until midway through. “I look like you want to look…” About a millisecond before the next words hit the airwaves, I realized what I had missed, and I imagine my face must have turned white. “I fuck like you want to fuck.” In the middle of broad daylight, on a weekend.

    If the FCC caught that, or somebody filed a complaint, our lovely little radio station could easily become a thing of the past. For CBS, a fine of a few hundred grand is nothing. For us, it would be the death penalty for the organization. (It has happened to other college radio stations in the U.S.)

    Somehow, while editing that section, my mind had been so absorbed in matching up the sound with the essence of what was being said that I completely didn’t notice it. I had caught every other instance of profanity. Of that I was certain. I had even trimmed the word “bitch” to be on the safe side (a bit of a gray area in the nebulous world of trying to appease the indecency police).

    Certain that there were no more surprises, I went ahead and let the episode run to conclusion, biting my fingernails the whole time. (In DJ training, we were of course taught never to let obscenities out over the air, but if it somehow does happen, they said DON’T ever apologize over the air, and don’t refer to it afterward. Just go on as if nothing had happened, and hope nobody notices. So I did just that.)

    A few minutes later, the phone rang. On the other end was the program director. He asked me how things were going.

    “Um… pretty good, except for what I think you’re probably calling about.”

    “Oh, and what’s that?” Turned out he hadn’t heard it, and had no idea. As luck (or synchronicity) would have it, he was just calling to ask me to post a note in the studio about a completely different matter. Oops.

    Well, wait to say now? Having tipped my hand, I figured I may as well cop to it now, than try to fabricate something and have him hear about it from another source later on. “I um… accidentally aired an f-bomb a few minutes ago.”

    A couple of seconds of silence on the phone. “Oh. I see.” He told me that for the time being, I’m not in trouble, unless he gets calls from other people complaining about it. “But in the future, be very very very careful about screening everything.”

    I promised that I would, and I intend to keep that, because if this town’s beloved little station ever came to harm due to my carelessness, I doubt I would ever get over the guilt from that.

    It’s been a couple weeks now, and I haven’t heard anything further on it, so I assume we’re in the clear.

    Of course, if I ever decide to air that one again, I’ll have to touch that part up, but for now, it seems strangely fitting to send it out on the net “as is”. I’m finally reaching the point where I can listen and enjoy it again without cringing. In fact, the irony of it amuses me. It’s as if Tyler Durden momentarily took over my brain in an effort to simultaneously corrupt the minds of all the innocent little children in the listening audience (as if… hah!) and jolt me out of my complacence in this comfy little radio gig.

    Anyway, I hope it brings you some enjoyment as well.

  13. that was pretty cool. hearing myself narrating the soundtrack to fight club was a bit of a headrush.

    more and more, I’m thinking of where to go with the podcast format, and something along these lines is probably one of them.

  14. Calling Dr. Freud!

    I just got here, so I went to this Introduction and read:

    “And no I’m not some raving NYMPHOmaniac. so just relax. the learning curve is SLEEP round here” … ’till I read it again. Darn. But if Cadeveo recommends you, I know The Real Thing will more than make up for it. Off I go to explore…

  15. one of these days I’m really going to do a list of “recommended stuff” I know most people have their favorites, but I really ought to point out what I think is my best work.

    I’ve actually considered turning things into a tantric porn site, but I just don’t think my GF would dig that…

  16. school is kinda kicking my ass at the moment, so it’s hard to say. I imagine I’ll try and put one out before christmas. I should have enough ideas roiling around to do one by then.

  17. Zac,

    Just thought you’d like to hear you’ve gained a new reader. I got here from seeking more on Descartes’ angel dream. I still need to go back and comb through search results more, but so far I fear Terence McKenna’s mention of it in a talk is almost all that can be found. Your blog was the 3rd or 4th hit.

    Read several of your entries, and I’m bookmarking to come back and visit once in a while.

  18. Hey,
    I know I am a bit late to the party. Being that I just turned 18 this month, I think the universe will forgive me for starting my travels through the Holy Science so late in to this age. I was looking at the dates of your posts, and it looks like you aren’t active on here anymore. I was wondering if you saw this if you could perhaps email me? I would be very interested in talking to you about this age, enlightenment, and the ideas you express on this blog.
    Thank you,
    Logan John

    1. I still look in. I just don’t post very much because school eats a lot of my attention. sometimes I fail to notice things, like this. if you have questions, by all means ask.

  19. Hi Zac!

    Just fairly recently found your Alchemically Braindamaged podcasts and started to listen to them, and I noticed that you are into Budo Taijutsu, and you’ve said a few things which make me think that you read and are aware of Dr. Glenn Morris and “Path notes of an American Ninja Master”. Have I guessed correctly? In any event, I find your stuff VERY smart, and very helpful, and I “woke up” from following Glenn Morris’ Kundalini awakening instructions, which worked as advertised, even though I was then an atheist, and have been on a serious ride ever since. Like I said I respect you and would Love to correspond a bit if you wanted. I too went into Bujinkan after waking up for a few years, though out of practice these days. We have a bit in common, and I just wanted to chat with you. Please feel free to email me at my personal email address if you want, or another contact method if you want. I would be honored.

    Shiken Haramitsu Daikomyo!

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