Wheels in the earth keep on turning.

apologies for the silence.  I have not forgotten you. just realigning things a bit. I’m sketching out a book project on enlightenment and meditation practice which I will probably serialise here, and planning a series of podcasts to accompany the text and flesh it out.

But for now I’m primarily focused on finishing the novel. It’ll be around 330 pages. Half done, the rest in heavy edits. As proof of concept, and show of good faith to my elite few supporters, the first 165 pages are available for anyone supporting me on patreon for as little as a buck. Citizen Monsters is a rather violent and profane sci-fi parable for our troubled times.  …Or it’s a superhero novel where the superheroes curbstomp racist cops and hedge fund bankers. …Or it’s a horror story masquerading as masturbatory fantasy of the loony left. You decide.

The rest ought to be done around Christmas, most likely with some visual accompaniments in the final edition from my occasional collaborator and esteemed visual artist Dallas Duobaitis. I plan to release the finished work for free, and do the audiobook myself. I’m thinking of this as my CV work for fiction writing, so it is in my interest to get it to as many eyeballs as possible, and build my ‘brand’ as it were. Loss leaders, and all that…