Solve Everything-Season 1, Episode 7: A Simulated Dream of Simulation


Brain in a vat jar

Apologies for the delay. Some (minor) health issues conspired to slow things down.  That, and I seem to still be finding the correct length and rhythm for my new productions.

In any event, this new one is long and challenging and crazy on perhaps a whole new level for me (or you, as the case may be). But you can listen to it as many times as you need to, to digest it. It’s free! You can also ask me to clarify, if need be.

This time around we’re taking about the philosophical conundrum of external world scepticism in general, and Nick Bostrom’s formulation of it as the simulation hypothesis in particular.  We also tip our hat to some contemporary stories about Elon Musk and his ilk preparing to throw money that could be keeping people alive away on existential anxiety.

How do you know you aren’t dreaming, or a brain in a vat, or a conscious computer program character? If you don’t (or can’t) know those things, then how can you trust anything your senses tell you? And if you’re some sociopathic banker or oligarch, and you don’t (or can’t) know if any of this is really real, why care about any of these pesky social issues, if you don’t feel like it?

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