Apologies for my long absence. Lot of working, lot of thinking. lot of things I want to talk about, but first of all, lets show you my current summer project:

Part  1

Part 2:

yes, that is me. might be a little strange for those of you accustomed to only hearing my voice. you can also follow this project on facebook if you use that. I appreciate any support, linkage or exposure you can give me. I  do have to keep my thoughts extremely concise there, but I plan for the blog to be more of the theory behind it, on any number of levels, plus some only tangentially related stuff. Two years of school and the ongoing deterioration of global events have upgraded my thinking in a number of ways.

onward and upward.


2 thoughts on “The Alchemical Initiative ver 3.0

  1. Thank you for keeping this signal going, and for the sobering reminder of the suffering this system causes in ways far more profound than most of us want to acknowledge. Even with factual awareness, it is easy to become complacent and and bask in the “easy” life that is offered, or sink into nihilistic hopelessness regarding “What can I do?” about the broader world. It’s a cycle I have found myself repeatedly drawn back into.

    My strategy has been to seek out the hidden hunger beneath the surface of the apparently “prosperous” facade, bring it into public view, and satiate the suffering by feeding any who want to eat in public through the mechanism of Food Not Bombs events, but even this (at least in abundant Missoula) sometimes feels like just another social get-together of people who can’t help but overflow with material wealth. Nevertheless, it does foster community involvement and provides a positive outlet for these energies.

    Anyway, though our tactics may differ, I believe you and I strive for the same larger goals. Please stay alive.

  2. the work isn’t always here, but I am. I will be alive as long as life serves the good better than the alternative. creativity makes the possibilities of life limitless, which is kind of the point I wanted to get across; making yourself a slave and dupe and accomplice to genocide is a weak alternative to evolution.

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