okay. I said I would do this before the end of the month, so i better get on it.

my plans for the next four months are as follows:

first and foremost, I’m going to release eight new podcasts, constructed as a series and revolving around the basic idea of solving all the world’s 8 major problems, at least conceptually. I’ll give it my best thinking and put it out there and maybe someone somewhere will be inspired to go further with some things. This series will be called ‘the philosopher’s stone’ unless I think of a better title. one alternate title might be ‘solve everything’, but I probably won’t use it. I’ll try and edit and parse it down so all eight can be burned on a couple of cd’s and passed around easily. expect the first of the these in a couple weeks, and each one about two weeks apart.

secondarily, I’m looking to do a long exploration of philosophical contemplation as a kind of mind yoga that can produce the same kind of benefits as vipassana and shamatha or other schools of eastern spiritual discipline. The western tradition, basically, without the obscurantism and circular rhetoric that occultism frequently falls prey to. this will be written, but I may not get as far with it as I hope to. we’ll see.

lastly I’m doing another long fast, probably straight water, but i may alternate with juice if it gets too rough. I won’t get into the gory details, like i did last time, but you’re bound to see me carrying on about it on twitter, or as my usual elliptical asides.


7 thoughts on “the Idea of the Good

  1. Not relevant to this post, but have you considered re-starting the Mosaic Effect?

    I discovered the podcasts in 2008 while I was going through a bit of cognitive chaos and found them delightful and assumption prodding.

  2. On fasts, once I did a tea and water fast, periods over 48-72 hours without solid food tend to provide more of a distraction that somehow eats away at the cognitive benefits of the fast, but 48 hour tea and water fasts seem to help precipitate very interesting states.

  3. the mosaic effect was always kind of random, even deliberately so. as I’ve gotten more focused, and explored certain ideas more, the structure starts to work against what I was trying to do with them, hence the number of false starts and whatnot. I may dust off that title at some point, but the new podcasts should still be in similar vein of prodding assumptions

    I think most people find, as far as fasting goes that mental clarity and well being jump quite a bit after the 3rd or 4th day, once your body adapts to a lower level of metabolic activity and starts burning stored fat. I guess it depends on how much detoxification needs to go on, and a number of other factors, but the energy freed up from digestive processes alone can be quite profound.

  4. I’m curious to know what can be attained with the help of a skillfully handled fast.

    You mention mental clarity, and detoxification. Anything else of note? Anything that could prove useful to read?

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