The Philosopher’s Stone: part 2/8-Flip the Switch

This one gets us back on schedule, and we start to amp things up to another level.

Our point of departure is the reflections of Nobel prize winning chemist Richard Smalley, and how he thought we could save the world, and how he ultimately couldn’t get any farther than the human mind.

We also talk a bit about how science and philosophy are the world’s religion, and we start to talk about why that’s a good thing, or at least, the seed of a good thing, as we probe ever deeper into the nature of our only real problem.

Podcast page HERE

Direct download: tps2.FTS.mp3

apologies for the lousy sound quality at certain points. I’ve been experimenting with different ways to fix the peculiarities that plagued my older recordings, but the cure seems to be worse than the disease. the succeeding ones will be better.

The Philosopher’s Stone: part 1/8- Solve Everything

Welcome back, friends, to my audio rantings. This time around, we’re doing something fairly small and modest ie; solving all the problems of humanity through philosophical contemplation.

Our first step is slower and smaller, as I explain what I’m doing and what I’ve been doing, but they’ll get faster, bigger, deeper, and weirder, in short order.

podcast page here

Direct download: tps1.SolveEV.mp3

and since we’re talking about him a little bit, here is pierre grimes lecturing on  a style of buddhist contemplation that mirrors some of what I’m using.

I’ve also got a new, streamlined, tip jar up in the top left corner, as well as the usual one on my podcast page. If anyone is feeling generous, baby jesus will give you merit badges, and deck chairs next to the lake of fire.

the Idea of the Good

okay. I said I would do this before the end of the month, so i better get on it.

my plans for the next four months are as follows:

first and foremost, I’m going to release eight new podcasts, constructed as a series and revolving around the basic idea of solving all the world’s 8 major problems, at least conceptually. I’ll give it my best thinking and put it out there and maybe someone somewhere will be inspired to go further with some things. This series will be called ‘the philosopher’s stone’ unless I think of a better title. one alternate title might be ‘solve everything’, but I probably won’t use it. I’ll try and edit and parse it down so all eight can be burned on a couple of cd’s and passed around easily. expect the first of the these in a couple weeks, and each one about two weeks apart.

secondarily, I’m looking to do a long exploration of philosophical contemplation as a kind of mind yoga that can produce the same kind of benefits as vipassana and shamatha or other schools of eastern spiritual discipline. The western tradition, basically, without the obscurantism and circular rhetoric that occultism frequently falls prey to. this will be written, but I may not get as far with it as I hope to. we’ll see.

lastly I’m doing another long fast, probably straight water, but i may alternate with juice if it gets too rough. I won’t get into the gory details, like i did last time, but you’re bound to see me carrying on about it on twitter, or as my usual elliptical asides.