Going Mainstream

greetings, friends and neighbors. I hope you didn’t feel too neglected while I was busy being edumicated.  Not that I have finished, mind you, just getting a break for christmas before my next round of stress induced nervous breakdowns.

For anyone who’s curious, I’m in a two year degree program for general sciences at the local college. two years doesn’t amount to shit, but it’s time enough to figure out what I’d like to specialize in, without jumping right into university sections with 500 people in them. This first semester, I took calculus, chemistry, an english requirement, and a history elective just to round it out a bit. I ended up simply auditing the calculus because my background is still a little weak. I could have passed it no worries, but it would have brought down my overall grades big time. I feel somewhat vindicated, becuase I pocketed A+’s in everything else. Live and learn. I’ll take another run at the heavy maths next year, or perhaps over the summer.

Which is neither here nor there. You come for the elliptical ranting, apocalyptic proclamations, obscure mental disciplines, and occasional tourettes-laced denunciations of innocent questions, yes?

I have to say, I’m feeling somewhere between vindicated and obsolete. I used to be  the weird and paranoid one in my house, but now everyone is talking about growing food, financial collapse, or fleeing to south america, while I remain as bemused as ever by the unraveling chain of calamities.

Most of the technical points of meditation, alchemy, or sorcery are handled better and more exhaustively by the likes of the baptists, who are working diligently to make satanism respectable. If a couple of diamond geezers and fully realized arahats can’t do it, then nobody can. My site is kind of a rag-bag of raw data in comparison, really. I’m glad someone out there is picking up the ball. And of course we have the various manifestations of the dharma overground or brilliant trasmissions  like those of shizen young.

Some of you might recall my fevered ravings about anthropocentric climate change some times ago, and sure enough, ‘climate gate’ has more or less done exactly what I was trying to, only better. That is, reopen the debate and shut down these plague rats of the mind who think that they can silence rational inquiry with fear and demagougery.

And while I do not think I ever cited him to any great extent, I cannot help but point out that michael ruppert is now a movie star, and the likes of roger ebert are now hardcore doomers. If memory serves, I was looking up cia drug running ages ago and found ruppert, and through him matt savinar, and through matt, the whole thing crystalized for me. Eight years later and it’s just another thing. I’ll settle for being eight years ahead of the curve. You can land on any side of the public debate over peak oil and collapse you like, but the point is that there is now a public debate. Nobody needs me to tell them the world is coming to end. Gnostic demiurges coming to feed on the souls of mankind? maybe. peak oil cannibals? not so much. that shit is going to the oscars, dude. Or didn’t you catch ‘the road’ in the theaters?

So obviously, the landscape has changed. It only makes sense to look around and find out how to get ahead of the game again.

…and on a lighter note, it just blows my mind to think I was a kid once, reading Iron Man comic books, when nobody else even knew who he was, and making my own action figures out of wire and plasticine, because you couldn’t get a decent IM action figure back in the day.

and from that, to this:

strange days, indeed.

Merry Christmas, and I’ll see you when I see you.