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okay, in case you missed my initial offering via twitter, here is our return to the world of audio. I’m striving to bring up our production values, so I hope you’ll excuse the awkward bits as I get back into the groove. Had to essentially recreate my setup from scratch for this.

In any event: some considerations on barack in a spiral dynamics context, some ruminations on the cognitive dissonance of authenticity, deep ambivalence, and some denunciations of ‘consensus’ in the political arena.

for those of you who don’t know squat about spiral dynamics, or just want to hear me lose my shit over it, I’d recommend episodes 19, 20 and 20 1/2 of the mosaic effect.

onwards and upwards!

5 thoughts on “The Mosaic Effect: season three, episode one-The Truth About Barky

  1. I didn’t notice any technical problems. Great to hear you again!

    What springs to mind is the number of fictional works (books, films) that contained reference to a black president even before Obama arrived on the scene. It’s as if these narratives get made up in advance, and then we all flock together to make them actually happen. Like in the UK – the storyline that Brown would turn out to be a shit PM was decided well in advance, as soon as it became public knowledge how badly he wanted the job.

    By electing a black president who is smarter than they are, the US electorate is looking to atone for the sins of the past. The narrative being acted out here is salvation. Whether that is achieved through Obama as sacraficial victim remains to be seen. I suspect it might. In terms of spiral dynamics, Obama may indeed be yellow, but the electorate mostly voted orange.

  2. yeah, i don’t have a tv so I wasn’t aware of too many media prefigurations of obama, except maybe the prez on 24.

    and yeah, that’s part of my point, that the electorate voted orange. the power of a yellow meme politician is that he can vanish into whatever he’s speaking to where guys like clinton or bush or regan can never quite hide their first tier values and always piss someone off. the worst anyone can say about obama is that he’s a ‘socialist’ which is orange complaining about green, but obama doesn’t fit the socialist profile well enough to hang that collar on him.

    this election was a big shift of the center of gravity from blue to orange, even if the guy they vote for is even farther along. bush’s legacy will be to have discredited the merger of religion and politics. people want secular comepetance now. not jingoist rhetoric and relgious invocations.

    thngs will get more interesting as the economic situation gets more dire, and barry is freed up to get aggressive on the bankers and hedge fund managers. they paid his way into office, but he will eventually have to cut them loose.

  3. yeah, sorry. I talked to him about month ago now. he’s doing some life changey stuff. he periodically needs to retire into obscurity, to cook his bile to a useful level. show the labster some love people! encourage this man to write more!

  4. Hi –

    First of all, a tip of the hat and whatever else to Zac for producing and maintaining what I consider to be a great – and necessary – site.

    Being new to the site, I spent some time yesterday and today reading around and among the entries herein and comments thereto (I don’t do twitter and ipod – except for music) and I felt it might be appropriate for me to enter some general remarks here myself.

    By way of intro, let me say that I’m an old fart – (creak) – who has led what most would say has been an unremarkable, perhaps mediocre, life. Except that it hasn’t been, and I’ll leave the details for another time – if ever.

    Like many/most of you, I have been studying/exploring what I call The Work, and other, associated ways for quite awhile. Actually, off and on for about fifty years. Howsomever, I do not consider myself to be any kind of scholar, expert, superior practitioner or guru of anything, so please, do not consider what I write here as ‘gospel’ of any sort – most of it is just my opinion based on years of moving ‘ahead’, sliding ‘back’, falling ‘off,’ coasting – sometimes for months – and seeing glimmers of the Light here and there (including one ‘profound flash’, which may have been “IT”, but who knows?). I’ve also done a fair amount of observing over the years.

    Anyhow, one of the things I’ve noticed here, based on your comments, is that many of you seem to be very young (Bear in mind that to me ‘young’ is under forty-five or so, maybe even forty-eight, and ‘very young’ is anything below, say, thirty or thirty-three.). As such, you may be in the deep struggle of trying to figure out who you are and have not yet hit the Deep Night (which I believe happens to everyone to some degree or another – it took up most of my fourth decade). This is probably normal in American(ised) culture(s), especially when one considers that this culture we’ve all chosen to live in is itself an adolescent culture and therefore promotes the idea/desirability of maintaining that identity within the individuals that compose it. This holds true of just about everyone in the culture, regardless of position or chronological age.

    Because of this, I think, we (culture and individuals) are continually driven by desires such as; sex, “more” (of everything), sex, hyper-recognition/celebrity, sex ‘the-biggest-and-best’, sex , and on and on to the point of radical absurdity. The upshot being that it becomes – or seems to be – more and more difficult to do The Work and we become overwhelmed.

    I have bad news and good news.

    Bad news is: it never lets up – in fact, it is intensifying and accelerating – and, if one gets into Terrence McKenna, et al, is about to pop in a few years [And yes, I’m referring to 12/21/2012, which may or may not have any particular significance other than being the 76th anniversary of my arrival here (I intend to stick around long enough to experience whatever happens, even if it’s nothing.)]

    Good news is: because of the inherent absurdity of it all, it is really not too difficult to let go, rise above it all (get over it) and just watch without taking anything too seriously – or at least not so seriously as to bring one down.

    In any case, just relax, enjoy the ride and know that no matter what happens inside your head, you’ll likely survive it better equipped for the next time.

    Apologies to all for the length of this and for all the parenthetics.


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