Some Thoughts in Progress…

(which is probably as good as it’s going to get. see below.)

Forget all the paranoia, forget all the conspiracy, forget all the cataclysmic raving, and stale ideology. Forget it all, because it’s the wrong door.

These ways of thinking about things may have had use, but as we move forward that use will be increasingly less. It is no longer relevant to our circumstances. Anything that doesn’t involve an alert moment to moment awareness of what is happening around you, will, over time, simply cease to matter.

McLuhan said that one of the side effects of super-accelerated electronic media was to return consciousness to a state of mythic resonance. Things move too fast and change too much and are too interconnected and self reflective to have a full conscious awareness of them. The only way to interface with such a world is through an intuitive subconscious pattern recognition. Either that or a super-consciousness orders of magnitude beyond anything that has been seen on earth to date, a fusion of the frontal, and lower primordial minds, in a way that very few can pull off without becoming a process schizophrenic.

The main example, and the last thing I will say about the economy, is this: the people who are supposed to understand and manage that system, who are supposedly the best trained, paid and educated people on earth in that field, simply cannot do anything of any use. Full stop. The machine has swallowed them. the end. goodbye. I have heard nothing convincing from any quarters that is especially better or more insightfull, except perhaps to burn the thing down to a lower level of manageable complexity. But it isn’t going to happen.

Do not mistake my intent here: I am not saying this is a bad thing. Indeed, I think it may be the best thing possible for the human race. A lot of pathological material is going to be swept away at the same time as the things you cling to under the heading of ‘life as usual’. Honestly, something like this is only way that the rot in the system was ever going to be expunged. You might as well embrace it. It is all the justice we will probably ever get.

This phase change is about us crossing the line into a regime of super attenuated instability and constant reinvention. Even calling it a regime is probably misleading. It’s more like living permanently on the nose of a surfboard going down the face of the largest wave that ever existed. Except, if you fall off the wave, the only thing underneath it, is another wave.

The structures we have built to corral billions of humans into a ‘civilization’ with manageable routines and manipulable order are about to dissolve, shortly followed by their replacements. Shortly followed by what replaces the replacements, until people realize that we are in a permanent condition of telescoping phase change.

Because lets be real here: the only stable order that was in the cards for humanity was the next 25 years, at the most. That has just gone bye bye.  By the time the economic and social upheavals unleashed now start to exhaust their momentum, we’ll be well into the era of open source biotech and fractal insurgency on every level. There will be no more countries, no more governments, no more ‘economies’ as we know them and increasingly, no more human biology as we understand it. That means no more fixed racial categories, no more immutable human traits, mental or physical, no more predictable patterns of illness or death.

And by the time we’re just getting to grips with that, nano technology and pervasive AI will recast the whole thing again. And so on. and so on.

You may have heard of something called the skills ladder: it refers to how much education one increasingly needs to meaningfully participate in the job market.  So what happens when the skills ladder gets so high that nobody can meaningfully participate in the world as we currently understand it? You either throw out the model of the world you are using, or you throw out the model of the human being you are using. Or both.
Eventually you will have to get used to a very old, very fundamental truth: that who you think you are, or who thought you were, is just a story, and while you can certainly choose to get up every morning and substitute a story for your authentic conscious presence, that is going to become more and more antithetical to your mental and physical health. It is no longer sufficient to acquire a fixed body of knowledge, and plug it  into every situation life presents to you. was it ever?  does anyone really think that? Neither is it adequate to periodically ‘re-train’ to adapt yourself to a changing situation.

What it comes down to is that you are equipped with the a pseudo-consciousness that mitigates against you being awake, or learning anything.  It is what is usually called ‘ego’.
You should discard the imperatives of your dysfunctional and neurotic personalities, and choose a star to follow. I mean this in many senses, from the thelemic to the platonic. Hell, even using banal astrology is probably more useful that identifying with a shell shocked media slave who thinks that they are ‘you’. The only way to rise above the wreckage of the ego is to direct yourself with something that transcends the ego. It really is as simple as that. It just so happens that it is the only alternative to losing your mind, so that makes what is a healthy, but difficult, life-change a little more appealing, I’m sure.