Crossing the Nadir

from where you are, you can’t even imagine what hitting bottom is like.

-Tyler Durden, Fight Club

like I said a little while ago, I plan to change the focus of things around here pretty dramatically from where it’s been, which no longer seems especially relevant.

We are crossing into an area that is a true singularity. ie; where, by definition, no prediction is possible. The corrupt and discredited assholes in charge have successfully made a system that is too large, too complex and too fast to control, and demonstrated they can’t even comprehend basic notions of risk and reward. What the fuck did they think was going to happen at 200+ to 1 leverage and with utterly fraudulent lending practices? They gambled the world, and everyone loses. Good job fellas. If they were smart they’d concentrate on avoiding a firing squad. But they aren’t smart, they’ve proven that. It is truly the worst aspects of the reign of the oracles.

By the time Obama gets into power, we’ll all be eating soylent green, at the rate things are going. And even if things hang together a bit longer, he’s got too many of the same old crew telling him what to do. I wouldn’t hold out much hope that B-Rock will pull out the save, much as we might like him to.

I reject any notion that any of this is orchestrated or controlled. These idiots can barely control themselves in front of the press, never mind some baroque illuminst conspiracy. It also flies in the face of everything I know about systems and nonlinear dynamics. Conspiracy is a comfort to those who need to believe that somebody is in control. Doesn’t mean they don’t try, just that they can’t really succeed.

The other side of this, the personal side, is that I have had it pointed out to me in a shocking way that my mindset of the last little while has been a stagnant dead end. I suppose I always knew it would be, but I felt like I had to play it out, and that’s exactly what I did. I now have a new appreciation for the regenerating and fertilizing powers of chaos and catastrophe. And as time goes on, I realize that the fate of humanity is in the hands of those who can adapt and be creative in the face of the worst circumstances, those who can trust in the catastrophe, who can embrace change. I am done picking the scabs of a dying world. I side with life, and with the living.

This is the business we are in. We are magicians. We live in the realm of the impossible. Our world begins where the possible and the predictable end. We do not choose off the menu of the known. We are creatures of will. And soon, there may be nothing other than that.