The ant, the teacup, the volcano

It’s really a shame Hunter S. Thompson didn’t live to see this. You will have to settle for my half baked homage.

So yeah, anyway: the biggest bank failure in U.S. history is unfolding this morning, the wall street journal is advising people that storeable food might be a better place for your money than the stock market, or a savings account, and these bailout meetings sound like what happens when you drop fifty sharks on PCP into a giant stadium full of blood.

John McCain stops his campaign for president, not because he’s losing, or because he has nothing substantial to say about the issues, and not because he needs to take a time out to teach his ‘running mate’ how to speak english, but rather because he has an uncontrollable need to jump into a stadium full of blood. Maybe he’ll resolve the impasse with several rounds of russian roulette, like out of the deer hunter. We should be so lucky. How long before ‘the maverick’ suggests calling off the election too? Wait for it.

Poor pathetic bush is actually being pressed into service and encouraged to open his mouth and make some noises, because someone told him that this might encourage the public to support giving all their money to a bunch of rich scumfucks who have already proven they can’t manage their own money, never mind yours. Now would be a good time to suggest that he impeach himself. He’d probably do it.

Meanwhile Lyndon Larouche is prowling around the house with a baseball bat threatening to kill anyone who tries to create a ‘consensus’ around destroying the united states. Some of you might recall my animus towards the idea of consensus, so I cannot fault the guy too much.

Even such a reactionary culture-war shock trooper as Bill O’Reilly has failed to fall into line completely and wants to break people’s fingers. Maybe he should start with his own. In the words of snoop dogg: “fuck Bill O’Reilly”.

The new narrative is coming into focus, and it’s an oldie, but a goodie: CLASS WAR. Except this time, everyone on every side actually knows that’s what it is, instead of pretending, or being horribly duped by fascist parrots like Rush Limbaugh into thinking it’s about gay marriage or abortion or race.  Obviously CNN and FOX are having a little trouble with this becuase the headline “THE RICH TRY TO FUCK THE POOR”  might draw some ire from their standards and practices division.

The bottom line is we are surfing the ragged edge between a deflationary crash and an inflationary one. You will either have no money, or your money will be worthless. The only question is when.

… and whether or not the poor will be kicking the severed heads of the rich around in the streets like soccerballs, when there’s less discretionary income for entertainment.

the transcendental trainwreck at the end of history

Well this shit is getting more surreal by the minute. and not surreal in a trite way, either. I mean surreal as in “david fincher directing christopher walken as gordon gecko in a remake of ‘wall street‘”, surreal.  Or perhaps “david lynch re-edits inland empire into a documentary on economic theory”.

I really don’t know what to think when I look at what’s going on right now. I feel like we’re in the center of a pivot point for civilization.

It would have been one thing if the finance oligarchs had rammed through the mother of all bailouts in short order. But that appears to be bogging down, in spite of the bush administration howling that it will mean the end of the world as we know it if they don’t. And they may be right.

At the rate things are going, this bailout won’t get approved until there’s a social welfare package attached sufficient to grant the united states admission to the european union. The presidential candidates and the congress are lining up to see who can fuck wall street to death with rusty switchblades the hardest. It’s the best spectator sport going, right now. The gravitational pull of quadrillions of dollars in fictitious derivatives, the demands of presidential campaigning, the threat of a soviet style economic collapse, and the unleashed bloodlust of main street america, who are carrying a big stick because of the election, are all tearing the media in separate directions.

Consensus reality hasn’t looked this tattered since hurricane katrina. Enjoy it before the grid hardens up again, and slip your magickal intentions into the gap before the reality priesthood get back on message. At this point I have no idea what would constitute a best possible world out of all this, so use your best judgment I guess. The entire united states squatting mortgage free in their own houses on an open-ended basis is a good start. The complete destruction of the republican party and the street lynching of Bush, Cheney, and the last three heads of the federal reserve, may be a popular choice.

Fuck man, I’m invoking the transcendental object at the end of history with a football hemlet on my head, and a fifty pound bag of brown rice in the cupboard.  Seems about as likley as anything else. Hang onto your hats. It’s the apocalypse as reality show.

You try and take a vacation…

…and the whole fucking global economy collapses.

anyway, I thought it might be usefull to chat about the economic situation, while there still is one.

I found this documentary interesting. I’ve been following Lyndon Larouche for a couple years now, and he’s actually a well respected economist in other parts of the world. ( Russia, China, India, South America). Whereas here he’s a crank at best, and a dangerous criminal cult leader at worst. I’ve always found him to be quite lucid. The excesses of his personality cult I can take or leave. Kind of like the Wilbernator these days. The analysis is spot on, as far as I can tell. A return to a new-deal style fixed exchange rate system has got to be better than sucking the whole world into a hyper-stagflationary singularity. Or raping the taxpayer planetwide to bail out bankers who will then turn around and foreclose on you.

The moral of the story is that people who actually understand living history ( rather than a string of events racing to make space for us, right now) are too dangerous to permit in public discourse.