The Mosaic Effect: season 2, episode 5: the illusion of safety

     This one goes every which way, as we continue variations on our theme, and discuss the human desire for stability and predictability from many angles.

 We touch on nassim nicholas taleb and black swan events,  the buddhist marks of existance, james lovelock and the three legged stool of gaia, metastability vs equilibrium,  the futility of prediction, and the dangers of waking up out of the swarm.

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The Mosaic Effect:season 2,episode 4: choose your poison

     I put on my cultural imperialist, racist and reactionary progressive hat, in order to talk about why nobody can seem to resist our toxic way of life.

  In so doing we touch on memetics, guns, germs and steel, the myth of the noble primitive, and how the monoculture is exterminating a whole new round of vulnerable people, and why it might be a good thing.

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It’s a good thing I don’t do this to make friends…