A clean slate, and return to our roots with the mosaic effect as we explore the hidden nature of current events and random occurrences.

We begin with a dip into the headlines for a pass at the recent squall of school shootings. In so doing we touch upon bowling for columbine, the american frontier, the recently deceased dr. hyatt, willful fragmentation, and the proliferation of the no-exit reality tunnel. no prior knowledge or occult background  required.

apologies for the spotty audio quality. we’re due for new mic, it seems.

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3 thoughts on “The Mosaic Effect: season 2, episode 1: Shoot

  1. yeah, sure about concentrating on Rambo VI or the Walking Tall fantasy leading to school shootings or whatever, but did you read “The Shadow of the Dalai Lama?” All those bodhisattvas the monks focus on are actually parasitic spirits preying on practitioners of tibetan buddhism and preparing for a global war. and the theosophists and golden dawn, too.

    in seriousness though, the sense of being trapped isn’t new.

    there was a guy who was studying drug addiction and wondered how rats forcefed morphine would behave in a natural environment, so his lab sealed up a house rather than a modified skinner box, and filled it with rats. They had morphine in the water for a month, and afterwards they had access to both clean water and the morphine cocktail… and universally they avoided the morphine mixture, even after having been, by all definitions, hooked on it. he concluded that drug addiction is a response to confined space. needless to say that might seriously impinge upon “the drug war” and cut down on the price of cocaine, so that fell by the wayside. w/r/t the energy dynamic, it strikes me as an enforced form of tension–and by that, i mean more on the level of an archetype or unconscious, though not necessarily unintentional way. Our society doesn’t want less tension and by and large it doesn’t want to relax; it is stuck in some strange duality where you are either 100% of the time being productive or pursuing a career or watching TV, and where making any type of space is, at best, relatively fringe.

  2. I was reading something interesting the other day about the role of anti-depressants in freak-out shootings. It’s been alleged that anti-depressants have played a part in *all* the high profile incidents of recent years. People have for a long time been stressed and under pressure to comform – what’s new is that they’re stressed, under pressure to conform, *and* taking a load of drugs. See http://www.ssristories.com/index.php And of course, the pharamceutical industry is not disposed to scrap its wonderful contributions to modern living…

    Interesting to compare the situation with the UK. We’ve had *two* big national gun-carnage freakout incidents, to date (Hungerford and Dunblane). Largely that’s due to it being difficult to get hold of guns – although that’s changing. (There are isolated incidents with handguns in the news more or less every week now.) Our media seems to clamp down a lot more severely on these incidents than in North America. I can barely recall the names of the two lunatics that carried out the shootings. Their names have been blotted out. It would be taboo to mention them in writing or on TV. Air-time goes to the victims, not the perps. Our media seems a lot more nervy about the possibility of spreading the meme…

  3. Talking about connections, have you read “Sinister Forces”? It’s a trilogy and i’ve just ordered the first one. u might find it illuminating…


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