Leaving aside any solipsism, it’s fair to say that the outside world doesn’t really exist. not to you anyway.

  think about it: everything you think you know about the world is a representation of the information processed by your nervous system and assembled into a coherent gestalt to be thrown up on the screen of your awareness.

  What that means is, you don’t really know anything about other people. you know a lot of things about the inside of your own nervous system, and how it processes information.

  the good news is, the most exhaltedly saintly, christlike and wonderful person you ever met or imagined, is really just an assemblage of qualities that you have already internalised. In effect, the qualities of such a person are really your qualities. You just map them onto the signals you may or may not be getting from the outside world.

 The bad news is, the most fucked up, depraved evil bastard you ever met or imagined, is also just a collection of qualities that exist in your repertoire.

   As far as your nervous system is concerned, other people don’t even exist. Just placeholders for a spectrum of feelings, emotions and perceptions that you’ve already learned to recognise. Those aren’t their emotions, those are your emotions.

   It has always been you, all along.

    Be nice. Merry Christmas.

   If you haven’t all achieved enlightenment by the time I get back, heads will roll. This is your only warning.


6 thoughts on “Your christmas message…

  1. haha i had a similar insight recently. the funny thing is that to some people saying something like that probably looks very much like some new age babble like the secret. but its much more interesting since its true and real, and actually is at work regardless of whether one believes in it or not…

  2. well okay fine, but I still know right where to touch her to make her squeal. In the scheme of things that is the bigger deal. Esp so after the lightening strike.

  3. That Kantian stuff doesn’t cut it with me! If ‘everything you think you know about the world is a representation of the information processed by your nervous system’ then that means that what I understand as ‘my nervous system’ is merely a representation too. In that case, this way of regarding experience fails on its own terms, because what it tries to set as a limit on my perception (my ‘nervous system’) is itself only a limited perception on my part.

    You’re not trapped inside your own headstuff. Rather, your headstuff is actively participating in the great unfolding of the universe. It is a mistake to imagine that what you are cuts you off from the cosmos. My experience so far suggests that the opposite may be true.

    Rejoice! Happy New Year! 😉

  4. well, I agree, but it still holds as far as this way of thinking needs to go. being amore a platonic idealist myself, I ‘m not much on the brain in a jar either.

    just because the nervous system can concieve of not being able to reach outside of itself, doesn’t change whether it actually can or not. it just fails a truth claim for logical argument. but it’s not an argument. just a metaphor.

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