Well here we are again, chewed over nicely in some self-generated paranoid dark night hell realms. I always suspected producing for this site is what kept me sane, but I’m starting to wonder if it isn’t true.   

Some people are empowered to spread the dharma, others do it because they are too gibbled to do otherwise. I happily tread this fine line. Closure and certitude are even more debased currencies than the US dollar.  

 I’m somewhat sleep deprived at the moment and can barely summon enough neurotransmitters to recall my own phone number, so I’ll keep this brief. I thought I might do a bit of Tim Boucher style brief daily postings, until my brain starts working again.

Not much point trying to birth any fully formed revelations at the moment. So expect all the channels to start firing away, as I rise from the grave like some dessicated clive barker-ish death god.  

No time to waste. I mean, if this isn’t the apocalypse, it’ll do till the fucking apocalypse gets here, man.

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