Well, I appreciate everyone’s indulgence while I get my act together on this end. I probably needed a bit of a break to incubate things for awhile anyway.

I should only be a little while longer. I’ve finished moving, my application for the new job is working it’s way through the halls of power, and once the internet is hooked up for the new place, things should be in motion once again.

In the last week, I’ve taken up a new round of dedicated concentration practice, moatly to give my mind something to focus on, and I recommend highly for anyone to try doing it for six or seven hours a day for a month or more. granted i usually take a day or two off a week just to catch up on things that require a more scattered focus, but the overall cumulative effect is noticable and quite strong.

anyway, I shant linger too long just yet, but expect the initiative to return in full force before too long.

2 thoughts on “All Gone Quiet

  1. 6-7 hours of jhana a day? 90 minutes makes me feel like a space cadet the rest of the day… not that anyone notices. where are the trolls, anyway? “Six hours of jhana, stop wasting your time feeling good with that ‘psychic powers’ crap, go out, watch TV and be miserable!”

  2. they’re still trying to figure out what the word ‘jhana’ means, probably.

    and yeah, if you’re in access or 1st, the trance like side effects can be a bit distracting. observing that is part of what helps you boost higher. the mind gravitates towards a base of greater stability and equinimity.

    although it is still weird to get up from a days work and have more energy than when you sat down…

    btw my internet hookup is getting bogged down for a maybe another few days yet, just so everyone knows.

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