a kind of madness

a bit of a one-off podcast to get the muscles going again.  More of a emotional tinge to this one, as we talk about the epidemic of depression, and what it might mean.

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… I’m rethinking my approach to a number of things right now, so expect some twists sometime soon.

Your christmas message…

Leaving aside any solipsism, it’s fair to say that the outside world doesn’t really exist. not to you anyway.

  think about it: everything you think you know about the world is a representation of the information processed by your nervous system and assembled into a coherent gestalt to be thrown up on the screen of your awareness.

  What that means is, you don’t really know anything about other people. you know a lot of things about the inside of your own nervous system, and how it processes information.

  the good news is, the most exhaltedly saintly, christlike and wonderful person you ever met or imagined, is really just an assemblage of qualities that you have already internalised. In effect, the qualities of such a person are really your qualities. You just map them onto the signals you may or may not be getting from the outside world.

 The bad news is, the most fucked up, depraved evil bastard you ever met or imagined, is also just a collection of qualities that exist in your repertoire.

   As far as your nervous system is concerned, other people don’t even exist. Just placeholders for a spectrum of feelings, emotions and perceptions that you’ve already learned to recognise. Those aren’t their emotions, those are your emotions.

   It has always been you, all along.

    Be nice. Merry Christmas.

   If you haven’t all achieved enlightenment by the time I get back, heads will roll. This is your only warning.


Some years ago, british columbia fell under the governance of the Canadian liberal party. And by ‘liberal’, let us be clear that this was not social liberalism, in any real sense, but economic neoliberalism, to be most accurate. 

  Anyway, they proceeded to implement their ‘agenda’ which consisted of slashing social programs, deregulating everything that wasn’t nailed down, and launching a general attack on the Canadian legacy of a socialized infrastructure. All this in the name of ‘balancing the budget’, which right there tells you everything you need to know about these people and their ideology.  

  ‘Balancing the budget’ can only become a primary concern in an environment where banking and financial interests have come to dictate what governments can do. This is monetarism, where the society revolves around the interests of the currency, rather than what most sane people have come to realize, which is that currency should revolve around the needs of society.  

  Moving right along, the end result of this has been a dramatic decline in the quality of life for most of us here, with the people at the bottom of the socio-economic ladder taking the brunt, as social programs along with everything else, are slashed, privatized and deregulated.  In terms of the welfare system alone the number of people successfully using it has dropped between one quarter and one third. No one really knows where these people went, mostly because no one ever thought to keep track of what happens when you cut off the means of last resort for hundreds of thousands of people. It’s a stereotype that the welfare system is full of dole bums and drug addicts. There are those, to be sure, but there are also quite a few mentally ill, homeless, severely addicted, single mothers, sick and injured etc.  This sort of thing is the social manifestation of predatory financial activity, of which the whole world seems to be taking part. The ethos is pretty simple: maximize your profits, and dump your costs, be they social, physical, or economic into someone else’s lap. These costs are called externalities, and to the extent that this is done, you have raised your profit margin by ‘externalizing’ your costs to someone else.    Which is all fine, as long as you can get away from the aftermath of cutting a whole segment of your society loose.

  I guess the thinking must be that if you deny services to these unworthy people, they will go quietly die somewhere, presumably to compost in some convenient location, that won’t stink up anyone’s, oh let’s say… luxury hotel, or conference center.  I mean, even the nazis had to pay for poison gas and bulldozers to dig those ditches.

  So I guess it was a bit of a shock to find that this old hotel had an abandoned laundry tunnel under it, and while the ruling class were discussing the next round of tax cuts and ‘belt tightening’ for the populace over high tea, someone had found the entrance, and moved in. And once it got cold enough, they started lighting fires down there.  How poetic is that? Smoke rising up from under the feet of the rich, from the fires of the poor.   Wish I could still find the link, but wouldn’t you know it, it’s gone down the memory hole, in less than a day. I wonder why?

  …I got your ‘externalities’ right here, guys.

The New Regime


Well here we are again, chewed over nicely in some self-generated paranoid dark night hell realms. I always suspected producing for this site is what kept me sane, but I’m starting to wonder if it isn’t true.   

Some people are empowered to spread the dharma, others do it because they are too gibbled to do otherwise. I happily tread this fine line. Closure and certitude are even more debased currencies than the US dollar.  

 I’m somewhat sleep deprived at the moment and can barely summon enough neurotransmitters to recall my own phone number, so I’ll keep this brief. I thought I might do a bit of Tim Boucher style brief daily postings, until my brain starts working again.

Not much point trying to birth any fully formed revelations at the moment. So expect all the channels to start firing away, as I rise from the grave like some dessicated clive barker-ish death god.  

No time to waste. I mean, if this isn’t the apocalypse, it’ll do till the fucking apocalypse gets here, man.

All Gone Quiet

Well, I appreciate everyone’s indulgence while I get my act together on this end. I probably needed a bit of a break to incubate things for awhile anyway.

I should only be a little while longer. I’ve finished moving, my application for the new job is working it’s way through the halls of power, and once the internet is hooked up for the new place, things should be in motion once again.

In the last week, I’ve taken up a new round of dedicated concentration practice, moatly to give my mind something to focus on, and I recommend highly for anyone to try doing it for six or seven hours a day for a month or more. granted i usually take a day or two off a week just to catch up on things that require a more scattered focus, but the overall cumulative effect is noticable and quite strong.

anyway, I shant linger too long just yet, but expect the initiative to return in full force before too long.