Magickal Record 11-03-07

M’kay, so where are we at now?

I’m pleased with the results of my month long dharma retreat ( and I mean retreat in the loosest possible sense ). Things seems to work better when I give myself one clear thing to focus on for some time. It’s nice to have your anthony robbins style goals list, but it’s easy to get fragmented when you don’t set rigid priorities.

So this month is the get-out-of-poverty month. It was all well and good to live a threadbare existance on the margins of society while I carried out my great magickal work in obscurity. That was just fine when material distractions were exactly that.

However, these days, being poor is turning into an impediment. When most of the things on my to-do list can’t get done cause I’m too damn po’, then that’s what they call a hint.

And god bless everyone who’s donated in the past to the alchemical initiative. I haven’t forgetten you, and I didn’t shoot all the money up my arm, I promise. My name is not aliester crowley after all. I appreciate the help and I welcome it, but this is not a solicitation. I need a real job, that isn’t going to make sick to my stomach on a regular basis.

I have a few ideas that should pan out in a short period of time. No more than a month one way or another. Probably more like a week or two. I will keep you posted.

One I’ve done that, we will see some hardware upgrades on this end that should let me take the initiative to another level. I was exploring avenues like skype and youtube for various uses before my old computer killed itself. Even being able to do sound editing at home with a machine that doesn’t run on a hampster wheel would be helpfull.

And the truth is, I need to be getting on with this part of my life anyway. I had my midlife crisis when I was about twenty and spent ten years on the flipside of reality, but it’s time to do what it takes to embody my vision in a more concrete way, and that means more $$ and it means more education in certain technical fields, and it means credentials that will open doors, and to do all of that, I need to know I’m not going go broke if something in my life zigs instead of zags.

This is not me capitulating to the system, mind you, I had always planned to storm the corridoors of power at some point, but not until I knew how to do it on my terms, and now I do. If I’m wrong, then I’m wrong, and the poorhouse will always be waiting if I feel like reclaiming any dubious authenticity.

So, my updated, revised and prioritised list of goals:

-get a real job, this month

– when and if that is done, or when I’m not likewise engaged, maintain the dharma practice, specifically jhana and vipassana. the conduct side should take care of itself, if I can pull the job stuff off.

-produce some new content for the site. several ideas along these lines, although the one that comes to mind first may end being a worthy contribution to the field of 911 research, of all things.

– with the understanding that I will have some more money in short order, scout out a new computer, webcam, cd burner etc…

-get my flexibility routine back in order

-schedule another water fast, and prepare to see it though, armed with the experience gleaned from our first one.

the world belongs to us! even if it ends up being nothing but smoldering ruins, at the rate things are going…

Victory or Death!

Farther Down the Fractal

Well, so far as I can tell, I’m not an arahat. And if I am, it’s an exceptionally subtle condition of being, which it may well be.

Not that I’m complaining mind you, as all aspects of my practice have made quantum leaps in clarity and precision.

One secret that I’ve learned to build my life around is this: quantifiable goals + measurable progress + time = guaranteed success. All you have to do is not give up, or die, and success is inevitable.

One might think of this excercise as something in line with ‘shooting the curve’. Where one isn’t really aiming for goals, but to change the rate of change in the system. By that standard, I’m now much farther ahead on the timeline than I was a month ago. If I were to plug another month like this into the system, who knows what might be accomplished, and I may well do just that.

For now though, the full spectrum catastophe is ramping up everywhere you look, and it’s time to get back down to color commentary on the kali yuga.

Which means we’re back to our regularly scheduled programming, for awhile at least.

Expect a more detailed list of goals, progress reports and itinerary of upcoming items is short order…