Well, here’s another one I’m somewhat pleased with. A freewheeling exploration of the concept of the magickal will and how it ties into linear and non-linear thinking, among other things.

  Euclid, Riemann, Liebnitz, geometric spacetime manifolds, the corrosive poison of consensus, catastrophic fractures of the reality grid, and scraping off the candy coating of individual neurosis on your way to the power of god on earth.

  And the bucket.   Mustn’t forget the bucket….

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 Direct download: TME33-the_view_from_a_bucket.mp3


9 thoughts on “The Mosaic Effect 33: The View from a Bucket

  1. What no comments yet? Ah, magic… Always a crowd-puller…

    Spot on, I thought, and inspiring. I wondered about the analogy with non-Euclidian geometry, though. Is this just a metaphor? If not, then it would have been good to have more on the basis of non-Euclidian stuff. Surely it’s not founded simply on the idea that the Cartesian grid is too ‘fixed’ and ‘passé’. If it is a metaphor, then should mathematics be used for this purpose? That’s not what maths is for, is it? (If it was, I might be half-decent at it.)

    I like it when your podcasts make me want to go away and do stuff!

  2. I thought I posted a comment a few days ago, but I guess it got lost in the ether…

    Thought this was really, really great as well. Of all descriptions of “magick” I’ve ever read or heard, this goes at the very very top. I think this is a great primer/prelude to your Systematic for the People and Evolution by the Numbers series. I also think its great that this entry can stand somewhat independent of much of the scary-sounding jargon that some of this stuff can accumulate. That is, I’d feel comfortable recommending this to friends who are otherwise unfamilliar with this territory without feeling the need to pre-emptively qualify it in any way.

    I really liked the linear/non-linear distinction. It reminds me of many things, one of which is the whole Flatland concept, and that of jumping from one peice of grid paper to another (that is angled as if on a different plane). This is turn reminds me of a good post Tim did a while back concerning orthogonal movement.

    The jump from linear to non-linear also reminded me of slaying the metaphorical dragon, frequently called “Thou Shalt” by Joseph Campbell. With regard to the grande “psychic development of the human being” (as has been implicitly discussed recently here), this sort of makes me see mythic narratives as a whole as a tool in making this jump, even if the method is leading by example (of the Hero). I think that might be a primitive use of the tool, in a way, but the function seems somewhat there at a base level.

  3. hmm. well it has a certain kinship to geometry. when you get far enough into something like jhanna to start to explore the formless realms, you start to see that much of the activities of the mind is in fact determined by the kind of directions and motions that your perceptions habitually move in. you do find that in the lower form realms that your mind is constrained in a kind of grid that does in fact feel very geometrical. most people, for example, construct their inner visual world, and hence their inner emotional world, to a certain extent to mirror the external visual cone that your eyes use, which creates the illusion of possibilities ‘widening’ as things get farther away, and stuff like that.

    weird, huh?

  4. Oops – I listened to this days ago and then neglected to comment, despite thinking it was brilliant (got side-tracked with my ranting). A genuine insight into the implications of Crowley’s definition has been long overdue.

    You know, I think if you collated ten or twelve of your best podcasts and transcribed them, you ‘d have a nice little book. The more people you reach, the better…

  5. well, i have been considering doing some self publishing, although I’m torn between whether to simply repackage the older stuff and publish them as collections, or to synthesise it all into a coherent work.

    certain aspects of what I’ve written probably wouldn’t translate well away from the internet, similarly, the spoken word is a tricky thing. print is a medium unto itself.

    although if i did what you suggest, I could probably drop between three and five books in short order. would look good on the CV when I’m pimping myself out as a consultant for 2000$ a day.

  6. Gave this a second listen, and the bucket-head analogy at the end reminds me of the prison you described in Systematic #1 (where you talk about people questioning your intoxicational preferences, being in a prison w/o realizing it, etc). If you ever synthesized your work, for writing or other, I personally think this would be a good topic to expound upon further.

  7. rich?

    all my best ideas are here for free. if you need anything further, or some specific help, then just ask. if I’m not too tired or too busy, then I’ll probably pitch in. If I don’t, someone else here will.

    if making donations helps you feel better about doing that, then by all means go ahead. I need to upgrade my hardware anyway ; )

    I’m a buddhist. the buddhist tradition is not to charge. at least, not to charge individuals. I’m more than happy to bill a big corporation, if anyone knows one who needs an occultist on staff.

  8. Sorry, I should have asked, do you have any plans on teaching face-to-face classes in magick & mysticism? I’m currently in a yoga class but it’s definitely not my first choice, the teacher even told at one point that she has no interest in samadhi and she didn’t seam to understand what it actually was (not that I do completely ether).

    I just love your writing, haven’t seen anything like it, and if you where a face-to-face teacher you would definitely be my first choice in the world, so yeah.. your not opening a magick & mysticism center anytime in the future?

    I’m a bit skeptical on finding a teacher that’s “traditional” in the sense that he has gained the fundamental knowledge/experience of the tradition, and is therefor the real deal.

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