Some brief updates:

-I’m back up to 174, so I won’t die anytime soon. I’m off pop, candy and other junk foods. Feels good.

-more podcasts coming soon. recording them this week, editing them next week, and you’ll start to see them the week after.

– you may notice some old things dissappearing. just a few, but there’s a reason. I thought it was time to start a traffic in apocrypha, rarities and b-sides, lol. more on this later.

– a couple more missives on the global warming thing, and then I’m done with it. Like primitivism, anthropocentric global warming hysteria will eventually collapse from it’s own internal contradictions. I’ve given it some small push in that direction, and that’s all I wanted to do. After a while debating crap science and unsupportable genocidal postulates is like debating eugenics or something. You degrade yourself by even arguing it. Nothing I’ve seen or heard since I started has changed that.


2 thoughts on “House Cleaning

  1. I think Primitivism as well as the global warming scare and the peak oil scare are propped up by global elites.

    The connection is that they are ideologies based on scarcity. Global elites need scarcity because they need the price system that gives them their power.

    No one would be reading Daniel Quinn’s books if there had been no $500, 000 grant by billionaire media mogul Ted turner.

    Al Gore and his “inconvenient Truth” it goes without saying is an elite insider.

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