Well, I’ve decided to do another fast. No grandiose mystical aspirations this time, although I wouldn’t be surprised to have something like that happen. You inevitably have psychological and spiritual side effects from depriving yourself to that degree, or examining your relationship to food and the emotional stimulation it provides.

It’s interesting to recall that after my first really profound mystical experience, the first thing I wanted to do was go eat something. It was so simple and grounded and elementary, even having all the emotional baggage of one’s life temporarily scrubbed away only enhanced the simple pleasure of eating.

Alas it’s not usually like that. Of late my addiction to sugar has gotten pretty out of hand. A bag of chips and slurpee everyday in the summer is fine when you’re 21, but 30 is pushing it. I found I was leaving the house specifically to buy bulk jube jubes at the grocery store.

Part of it is having a fairly fast metabolism. my skin feels almost searing hot to me, sometimes, and most people in a position to have noticed say I really throw a lot of heat. I’m sure the weight training only enhances the caloric demands. I can burn 250 to 300 calories on the cross country ski trainer, and then do maybe a half hour of heavy lifting maybe three times a week. Anyone who’s done that sort of thing can attest that you’re pretty much always hungry.

But that level of psychological dependence on junk food is troubling. Even on my regular fasts I was juicing and that’s like mainlining sugar, quite frankly. Sure I walk everywhere, and keep a steady weight on my admittedly fairly thick eastern european farming-stock body, but I cannot abide uncontrolled addiction.

In any case, the rules are simple. Drink water. that’s it.

I’m adding a colloidal mineral supplement to the water to keep my electrolytes and muscle strength at an acceptable level, since I still need to work without fainting, but no calories. Just 3-4 liters of water a day. I may introduce some green bentonite clay a little later as a detox measure, but that’s all. Hardly appetising.

In any case, no interminable podcasts this time, just one blog entry, but I’ll update it as we go.

Day 1: I find if stay busy I can cruise through the first half day of a fast pretty easily. It’s mostly mental. One thing that upset me and set me on this course was finding I was starting to get mild stomach cramps in the morning, along with a vague nausea until I ate something, presumably from sugar withdrawls . I got that today, but it was pretty mild. The first two thirds of the day were easy enough. I found myself fantasising about food rather a lot.

It’s pretty shocking how enjoyable it can be just to fantasise about food. The mind really does crave the textures and stimulation of eating. Myself in particular. I often eat things just for the tactile sensations, not so much the taste.

I’m not sure I got enough water today, as my lips are starting to dry a bit. Later in the day I was getting fairly strong bouts of spaciness and low blood sugar related weakness. This is hardly surprising , but still a bit odd considering your body is still digesting food in your intestine 2-3 days after you stop eating. It’s because most people are on a roller coaster of glycogen from the liver and are used to topping it up every 3 hours or so. When you quit doing that, everything slows right down. I felt like I was sitting in the bottom of a well, muttering up to people . This is all overwrought emotional content, but goes to show you how your moods are built around food.

Day 2: Ghastly. My body has felt weak and rubbery all day. I think constantly about pizza and jube jubes. I can hardly make it up the stairs without pausing. I can’t concentrate on anything for more than a few minutes. The water tastes horrible and metallic, despite filtering. I may have to buy some bottled.

I walked to the library to get some air and sunlight, and I was okay physically, so it’s clear I’m mostly just jonesing. My mouth has a coated chemical feeling, and my sweat smells even worse than a regular carnivore’s would. Did I mention Alaina was away for two weeks? Lucky her, ha ha. The tongue takes on a slightly grotesque film when you fast, something about eliminating toxin through the glands, skin and all. One way of knowing you’ve finished a detox-style fast is that your tongue goes back to being pink.

I do have to think about when to stop doing this, however. I have a few markers in mind. Two weeks is probably an outside limit, as I don’t know if I could hold up around Alaina and her fridge.


1) as above, when I get some kind of body sign that the detox side has run it’s course.
usually this is when the skin is clear, the tongue is pink, and the eyes are especially white.

2) weight loss. according to some brief looks online, my target body weight is about 162 lbs, which seems ludicrous and arbitrary. I have a wide frame, a smooth, if not flat, abdomen, and a fair bit of muscle, especially through the legs and I weigh 180-184 at 5’9″ most of the time. My legs are a bit thick, and a little on my hips, but twenty pounds?hmmm…

One loses about a pound a day while fasting. I suspect I will drop it a bit faster, what with my metabolism and my regular activity level. On my juice fast I lost about ten pounds in a week. So… on water? God knows. But if I start to look gaunt, or go below 165, I’ll pull the plug. I suspect it’ll take maybe a week and a half to go that far.

3) Unacceptable levels of weakness or mental deterioration. Spaciness and weak spells from withdrawl is fine. total confusion or inability to work is not.

The evening has been better. The worst of the withdrawls and frantic desire to eat are gone. Voiding huge amounts of water, which makes sense. One of the ways your body sequesters toxins is to surround them with water. If you give your body a chance to drop everything else and eliminate this stuff, the excess water goes with it.

Day 3: Rough start so far. Disturbing dreams, trouble sleeping. Stomach cramps and headaches. Lots of water shedding in the night. Woke up this morning at 5 o clock. Worst of the hunger is gone, and some of the clarity and detachment of a good fast kicking in. It’s mostly just chemical cravings now. I suppose this is what cold turkey feels like.

Correction: this is exactly what cold turkey feels like.

Went for a walk again, to run some errands and weigh myself at the gym. Before I started, I think I was at 182, and averaging out on two scales I’m at 178 right now. So that’s 4 pounds in two days. Mostly undigested food, I’m sure, but that’s pretty much over with by now. I can start to see the top edges of my ‘six pack’, so I may stoke my vanity, at least.

Dull headache, stiff neck, and green and yellow film on my tongue. All that food coloring goes somewhere, my darlings. I’ll hear nothing to the contrary.

On the upside, my hunger is pretty much gone, just vague cravings. So I’ll be making a go of it. Yesterday, I wasn’t so sure

note to self: mineral water tastes even more vile than filtered tap water.

Too tired this evening to go to class. hard to concentrate on anything with little sleep and the constant subtle cravings for food. Oh well. My work is being cooperative this week. Nothing to do for a little while. Boring but probably neccesary.

I presume by tomorrow I will be in the groove and dropping a couple pounds a day. If that’s so, I’ll be quite slim in about a week. If my real body hunger comes back before then, or my detox finishes early, then I’ll pack it in.

I do miss having enough spare blood sugar to run my brain at the usual speed. But it’s a double edged sword, as it feeds anxiety as well as ideation. Anyone who’s listened to my podcasts has an idea of the speed I talk and think. It’s nice to lift up the car and check underneath once and awhile, however.

Day 4: Fuck Me. A lifetime of careless eating is getting it’s revenge.

I dunno why it didn’t occur to me that putting some liquid clay into my stomach wouldn’t be a good idea, when your digestive tract has shut down.

Anyway, when I woke up this morning and starting moving around, I had the most profound urge to puke. As soon as I got to the toilet and passed the clay out the other end, I felt much better.

Ever felt so nauseous your hands were tingling? Oh, it’s a scene, man.

My tongue is now GREY, and for awhile I was too weak to stand up. I feel rather good now though. Mentally very calm and clear, no hunger to speak of. The idea of eating or drinking anything seems vaguely repulsive actually.

I am regenerating, getting stronger. Since I got out of high school, I was 185 pounds for about ten years. When I started hitting the gym, that got down to perhaps 175, and crept upward again as I added muscle stabalising at the 180 or so I started the fast with.

Which basically means that in a couple days, I will be thinner than I have ever been in my adult life. Rooting out those pockets of toxic fat and water is ample explanation for the way I’m feeling, and it will keep happening as I flush that shit away.

As horrible as it’s been thus far, I would nonetheless recommend it wholeheartedly to anyone. It is surely no fun, and maybe it’s just because I have one of those personalities that gravitates towards shamanic ordeal, but moving towards discomfort and the growth it signals is what makes us conscious, and human. I feel sure of that.

I don’t think I’m at all inherently special ( my mother sometimes half-jokingly claims I was tampered with by aliens in the womb, but that is another story) , and to the extent I might be, it’s simply choice and hard work. Overcoming these trials gives me hope for us all. If I can do it, then anyone can.

Which, I suppose, is the point.

…it’s now 1 o clock. After the horror show upon waking, things definitely took a suprising and profound turn.

With no particular warning, I was overcome with a deep sense of peace, happiness and energy. Almost euphoria. All cravings and nausea gone. Indeed, for awhile the very thought of eating anything junk acquired an almost gnostic aura of revulsion and terror.

I decided to walk to the gym again, and as soon as I started moving, I got the most powerful sense of tingling chi in my hara ( behind and slightly below the belly button) , and flowing down into my legs. It literally felt like an immense tingling coiled spring near the base of my spine. Great emotional release, happiness, and healing catharsis.

“I’ve been poisoning myself. I’ve been killing my body. KILLING IT. ”¬† But now it was awake, and healing, and I guess, thanking me for the favor. I felt immense sorrow for what I had done, and all kinds of body intelligence that was being suppressed came up. I was actually perceiving the world as a whole organism, not just a mind in a body. not quite sure how to expand on that.

At the gym, I saw my weight was down to 175, so that 3 pounds since yesterday. I feel pretty alert and energetic though. I figured I’d stretch at the gym and try some cardio, to test my energy levels.

To my surprise, I was able to go at nearly my normal resistance setting for 15 minutes. Could have gone longer but my heartrate spiked up to a maximum pretty quickly. Decided to forego any weights. A weak or faint spell on the bench would be ‘bad’, in the egon spengler/ghostbusters sense.

I’m really hungry right now, in the body sense, which is to be expected when I’m burning calories faster than I can break down fat. Should calm down soon enough. I wanted to test it out before kung fu tomorrow. If the hunger doesn’t go away, I might have to stop. I’m craving healthy stuff right now. At this rate, I’ll have to quit in maybe three days at the most, anyhow.

Almost done for today, just one more thing. I still feel pretty good.

But anyway: You would think that FOUR DAYS after you stop eating, that there’s nothing left in your digestive tract.

In my case however, you would be wrong. I will spare you the gory details, but suffice to say, if you knew how much stays in your body for how long after you stop eating, you’d be fucking shocked. And rightly so. No wonder I felt so sick, at times.

I swear, it’s one meal of raw vegitables a day for me, from now on… or as close as I can manage. Somewhere in the middle for sure. LOL.

Day 5: Getting a bit predictable now. Wake up, writhe around for an hour or two till I can start to move the toxins that build up while I sleep out of my system, and drink a bunch of water.

Started taking some digestive enzyme capsules yesterday, and another this morning. Along with the clay, they can kill off any parasites in the intestine, which is the cause of many allergies and auto-immune disorders in people. It’s known colorfully as ‘leaky gut syndrome’. Eventually your intestinal wall becomes so compromised in places that the poisonous waste products of parasites and god knows what else starts leaking back into your blood. Good times.

Of course getting rid of this stuff is almost as bad as not getting rid of it, at least for a while. Because when it’s situated somewhere in your muscle or fat tissue, or lodged in your intestinal wall, you don’t feel it directly, just the systemic effects.

When it passes out however, you get to experience the love all over again, to a frightening degree.

Keep in mind I’ve got a reasonably good diet these days: lots of fibre and minerals, no dairy, plenty of water, fresh air, sunlight and excercise.

I shudder to think what this might be like for an overweight smoker/drinker, who has done various drugs, prescription or not. You’d probably want to eat a bullet before long.

Kung fu later today, which ought to be fun. It seems I feel a lot better when the blood and lymph are moving around. Long as I don’t faint, puke, or start crying spontaneously, that is…

A bit later now. My tongue is starting to evidence signs of going back to normal color. It’s just a purpley-whiteish, with pink coming in from the edges. Yay.

Looks like no vigorous exercise tonight either. My teacher has food poisoning, it seems. I tell ya, the non-food kind of poisoning is bad enough.

On a more esoteric note, I cannot help but notice how events seem be conspiring to help me out on this. I planned it to line up with alaina’s trip, but the lack of work obligations, quiet emotional atmosphere, and tax refund cheques to soften the blow of no work, are all serendipity. Looks like the mojo is working, wherever it originates from…

I’m attempting just now what is called a ‘saltwater flush’ wherein one drinks 2 liters of warm water with a level tablespoon of sea salt dissolved in it. The salinity and specific gravity of saltwater makes it so your intestine can’t absorb the water into your blood, so it washes right through you. I’ve heard of it before and it’s a venerable technique of indian ayurveda, but these days it’s associated with the somewhat dubious master cleanse, which I did try once, minus the salt water. We’ll see how it goes. It should expedite the removal of any odious intestinal contents.

I swear… the david fucking blaine of stupid personal development stunts…

hmm… well I choked down the two liters of salty water, which took about a half hour to do. I’m not sure where it went though. I suppose I must have been somewhat dehydrated. I know I probably haven’t been drinking enough of the vile filtered water.

salt is a funny thing. You need a little bit as an electrolyte so your body can assimilate water, but too much and it’ll make you sick, or give you the squirts, as anyone lost at sea finds out to their peril.

I saw a few different figures on how to mix a saltwater flush. One was as high as two table spoons to one liter of water. Insane!

That would be basically four times the concentration that I had. Nevertheless, I might have to give it a go tomorrow, as I seem to be peeing all this out right now, which means my intestine took it up into the blood. But it’s all to the good. Cycling water through is always helpfull in detox situations.

Did I mention I’m pretty hungry? I could use a plate of chicken wings right now, I’m telling you…

Day 6: Woke up at 2am this ‘morning’. I feel quite alert and full of energy. My eyes are a bit scratchy but they’ve been scratchy for a few days already. Otherwise, I’m good to go. I’ll probably get sleepy again in a couple hours but for now I couldn’t really sleep.

Partly I thought I was hungry, and it was keeping me awake, but now I think perhaps I was thirsty. Most people don’t distinguish between hunger and thirst very well, and I’m no exception. When I think about it, I’ve probably been depleting my body salts for about a week with all the plain water, and excercise related sweating, and it wasn’t untill yesterday I added some salt back in, ( unintentionally ).

So perhaps I’ve been mildly dehydrated, at least insofar as I need a lot more water than normal to flush everything out. Drank a couple glasses of water and felt better. I’m sure I’ve enough salt in my blood for a little while…

That said, I still want to try this saltwater flush again, and now is apparently the optimum time for it. Early in the morning, that is.

I think I might be coming up to the end of the water fast here. My tongue is going pink with a bit of white, My energy is way up, and my body hunger is getting stronger, to the point where I probably shouldn’t ignore it for too much longer.

I’m noticably thinner, but I haven’t weighed myself since thursday. I’m guessing maybe 170? There are a couple patches where the skin seems loose in a slightly unnerving way, but I’m sure it’ll tighten up. Skin is elastic after all. There are still some pockets of fat around my legs and hips, but I’m not sure how far I want to push that.

Anyway, I’m going to try and choke down some more warm saltwater without projectile vomitting. I mean, it would be sort of unfair to not puke at all through this whole thing, wouldn’t it?

Catch you on the flipside…

“Ah, I see” said the blind man… upon a bit of last minute research, I see that the salt has to be non-iodised. Well fuck me. I figured all sea salt was, but it seems I was wrong. So that’s deferred until I can hit the grocery store…in about 5 hours….

Passed out for another couple hours. Body feels like lead. This weakness is not so good. It’s starvation, not poisoning. So this is definitely the last day

things to do:

-buy some non-iodised sea salt, do the flush.
– go to the gym and weigh myself once more
– pick up some juice, fruits and vegitables to eat tomorrow. ( maybe even later today if this weakness doesn’t let up. )
– buy some good quality probiotics to replace whatever has starved or washed out in my gut.

– make it through the day without disaster.

…okay, so I walked about a little bit to get some apple juice, blueberries, and sugar peas for tomorrow. I couldn’t find sea salt anywhere, so I would have to wait till later to do the flush, and I don’t know that I want to.

I also feel stupidly weak. I can make myself lurch around on force of will, but I’m just burning myself up. This thing peaked a couple days ago, and from this point on, I’m just depleting stuff I need, along with the fat and toxins.

So I figure I’ll finish today on juice. Apple juice seems to have a flushing effect itself, in my experience, along with some malic acid that loosens fatty adhesions. People use apple juice for liver cleanses. The flushing effect probably has something to do with the density of apple juice relative to water, along with it’s sodium and vitamin c content.

So I’m working on a liter of apple juice now, very very slowly… you have no idea how good it tastes. My brain is waking up again. I may do another later, if need be, and tomorrow it’s fruit and veggies.

Evening now. I had a bit of scare when I saw myself in the mirror at work. Something about the light off my hollower than normal cheekbones and neck, made my blood run cold for minute.

Not exactly life threatening, but these things can creep up on you. I think I let myself go too hard on this, and believe me, I can feel it. Thankfully my body is resilient and knows how to fix itself, provided I quit battering it with MY WILL all the time.

Still haven’t weighed myself. I’m almost afraid to find out how much weight I managed to drop in a five day period. I did some kung fu in the park, with no hangups, and elected for a fruit smoothie to top me off for the day.

I still need to get some probiotics tomorrow, but other than that, it’s a done deal. I feel normal+ right now, like I just got rescued off an island in the pacific or something. Maybe a bit tired and haggard, but a full stomach, some regular sleep and a few vegitable stir fries will work wonders, I’m sure.

And in a couple days, some chicken wings. Oh yes… chicken wings…

Some wrap up and conclusions tomorrow.

Day 7: Epilougue.

Well I feel totally fine this morning. Good, sound sleep, Normal hunger pangs in the morning, no detox shit. A little bit of white film on the tonuge, but that’s pretty avergage and It’s not like I did the detox aspect all the way to the end.

Considering the amount of exercise I was doing, I was continually producing new lactic acid in the muscles and other metabolic waste products anyway. I smelled bloody awfull, I know that.

I’m peering through a window of clarity and detatchment right now. When you can let go of something as elemental as food, everything else gets the volume turned down, to borrow a phrase. I had some thoughts on releasing dualism, but I’ll save those for another time.

I’ll be eating some blueberries forthwith, and a stir fry of sugar peas and some garlic a bit later. Yum! Fiber is good. Yes.

I thought I would close with some tips, and advice for others who might want to try this. Also reminders for myself next time around.

– DO NOT over exert yourself. The level of energy you get is deceptive. If you go too hard it evaporates into weariness.
– consequently find things to do while fasting that don’t involve intense excercise, or long exertion.
-fasting is boring. or more accurately, it exposes how boring your life is when you’re not sticking something in your mouth every few hours to level out your mood. a bit sobering, and it makes you look at how you do things.
– do something to flush your digestion a soon as possible into the fast. otherwise you’re just absorbing and reabsorbing the waste products of what’s still in your body.

if you’re inclined towards colonics or enemas, by all means go ahead. the salt water flush looks like the most thurough, as it does the whole tract, not just the lower part, as colonics might.

yes it’s gross. deal with it.

– do everything possible to wean yourself off the addictive stuff before you start the fast full-on. a couple days off caffiene, white sugar, white flour and alcohol would make going cold turkey on all food a bit easier. My first few days were a trainspotting-esque horror show, and all I was doing was coming off refined sugar.

– get some clean water. look around for a really good filter or distiller. when you don’t eat, the taste of tapwater or poorly filtered water gets distracting to the point you might not drink enough. 3-4 liters a day for an average sized person is what you need.

-know when to stop. on a similar note, know when to slow down. the body does things on it’s schedule, not yours.

I’ll set down some observations later today when I see how I’m functioning.

end of the day review:

-got my probiotics. all seems well on the digestive front. after a few days of nothing but water and venting your bowels, you start to get worried that you can’t hold food anymore. but it’s actually fine. better than fine, actually.

– gym was good. went as hard as possible and held up perfectly. afterword, I curious to listen to my body and see what kind of things it was craving, so I waited as long as possible, instead of just rushing out for some juice or whathaveyou. I ended up having a bit of sugar in the form of some dates, but mostly protein, which i got from tofu, at the local vegitarian buffet, along with some excellent stir fried vegitables.

I do have to be carefull about not picking what i eat with my eyes though, if you know what i mean. a bit too much fat, at the end of it, but good fats, anyway.

-actually listening to my body seems to be the ticket. the mind has limits, the bones and muscles have limits, but we expect our stomachs to take whatever we throw at them, as long as we think it’s okay, or our tongue wants it. dangerous habit. a simple thing like that could prevent a lot of illness and obesity if we taught it to people young enough.

-all in all a satisfactory first attempt. I feel better, I look better, I have more energy, and my brain seems to be working better as well. What more can one ask from 5 days of water?

Over and out.


30 thoughts on “He’s wasting a way…

  1. I’ve never really demonstrated any signs of diabetes to a degree that made me worry. my weight has been quite under control, and my energy levels are good. I maintain high muscle mass, and burn up the sugar pretty fast. My grandmother has it, but that’s old age onset. I’ve never felt weak or faint to that extent, just sugar cravings, which i’ve always been able to ignore if need be. like now, ha ha.

    you might be interested to know that adult onset correlates pretty strongly to consumption of dairy products. milk protein bonds to certain receptor sites in the pancreas and fucks with your insulin production. my teacher tells me that if adult onset diabetics cut out milk products completely, the symptoms would quite possibly go away.

    it’s kind of sad that doctors tell diabetics that one of the things they can eat freely is milk and cheese… the knowledge hasn’t really penetrated the mainstream yet. thankfully I have milk allergies, so i doubt it will ever be a problem.

  2. In the augoeides, holy guardian angel sense. When people make dramatic, life changing transformations like that, I tend to think of it that way.

  3. You know your carbon footprint for those five days was zero, right? I mean I am all-for carbon credits so long as I can cap-and-trade, too. Al Gore wants to write me a check to go vegan and fast twice a month? Where do I sign up?

    Regardless, are the effects of fasting really this dramatic? I know from experience that just working through lunch and dinner is a great way to get the Belsen physique. Where do these so-called toxins come from? Would someone on a diet with minimal preservatives and colorings get the same effects with regards to strange substances surfacing in the skin and mucous? And would the fat-stripping effect of ketogenesis have a similar effect, i.e., could someone switch to a paleo or meat-and-fiber heavy diet and detox if she were careful to avoid things high in metals like seafood and stuck to organic, grass-fed animal flesh? And are there viable sources of probiotics that aren’t dairy?

    I’ve read that a lot of the less digestable carbohydrates, like fucoidan, glucomannan, and beta-mannan, found in seaweeds, aloe, and mushrooms have near-miracle like effects (e.g., reversing some cancers in the lab, uncited claims about eliminating radiation), but they also lube the hell out of the gut.

    @ Dr. Heistman: I read that post. 265 blood sugar! That’s a serious problem. I’d say cut out any and all sugars and refined starches. Switch to decaf, and for that matter lower your stress levels overall so that your cells will begin to respond to cortisol again as opposed to having developed a tolerance to it. Try exercising for two bouts a day, like cardio in the AM and resistance training or a different cardio modality in the PM, firstly to clear crap out of the blood and make sure you are disposing of all those blood sugars, and secondly to ensure that your lean tissue is “hungrier” and has more opportunity to uptake all those sugars. Consider a ketogenic diet (one rule i read is that you should shoot for your bodyweight in carbs but only from green vegetables, this will help maintain alkalinity) if you are willing to eat and pay for that much red meat and veggies, but keep in mind that long-term ketogenesis/low-carb won’t really do much to help your insulin out since you’ll have so little of it your cells will basically forget–so when you resume a more agricultural diet you’ll have to slowly re-introduce carbohydrates, and stick to high-quality ones like sweet potato, brown rice, and oatmeal.

  4. I’m sure your starting point has a hell of a lot to do with what you go through. Everyone has little bits of poorly digested food that stick to the wall of the colon and rot. everyone has lactic acid trapped in the muscles to some degree. everyone these days has some additives and preservatives stored in high glucose corn syrup converted into fat. most everyone is addicted to flour, sugar, caffiene or alchohol, maybe all of the above.

    I suspect a lot of it has to do with just giving your liver and digestion a chance to do what it’s supposed to be doing all the time naturally, if it were not overburdened by three huge meals a day, converting sugars, tying up blood in digestion, shuttling waste etc. In a pinch i think your body just sequesters most of it and eliminates it when there’s time, but for most people, there is no such time, so when you do it’s pretty hellish.

    There is something there about alkalinity too. when your metabolism goes fully alkiline from just drinking water, things migrate across membranes more easily then when you’re acidic. there’s also the aspect of using all your water to flush your lymph system and letting it go as empty as possible instead of having waste circulating continously through your body, and using the water to eliminate solid waste.

    My advice for the skeptical is to try it ( not to say that you’re skeptical). Some kind of digestive flush will be at least a little bit shocking, and a few days on water will teach you lesson you’ll never forget.

    I must say, after just five days, I’ve lost about ten pounds, much of that in undigested material, I’m slimmer than I can recall ever being in my life, my mind is clear and calm, my sugar cravings are dramatically reduced, and my skin is completely clear of blemishes.

  5. we should get a bunch of fasting people to follow his global warming revival circuit around with signs that say: AL GORE OWES ME MONEY

    in fact, you could get a derivatives market going for killing people, because they’re not eating or consuming energy anymore ( minus a small premium for the co2 of their decomposition). countries could get credits for enacting malthusian practices and eradicating surplus population.

    we’ll be billonaires. make it so!

  6. Laboratorian,

    Well the thing is I don’t have any sugars and refined starches to cut out. Got the exercize program going. What I am doing is eating a “slow carb” diet and taking niacin, alpha lipolic acid and chromium polynicotinate in order to make my cells more sensitive to insulin.

    Plus lots of spirulina!

    Thanks for the tips.


  7. eh labster, you might need to clarify what you mean by a ketogenic diet. the main refference i can see is to an all fat diet used to treat epilepsy.

    I think I know what you actually mean, but we have to think about the kids…

    btw, i think you missed your calling. you really need to start up a physical fitness and diet site for occultists. all quasi fascist organisations need a street fighting hooligan component, and we’ll never have any street-fighting satanists if we don’t lay some groundwork.

    “stop jacking off into that napkin and pick up that medicine ball, fucktard”

  8. Have you gotten any clarity on how much salt to use in the salt water flush? And when do you recommend taking it? Begining of the second day, and again on the third?

    Im planning a fast in about a month, inspired largely by your first round.

  9. Hahahahahahahaha…..

    Goes to show you: once you open the door to stupidity, it’s hard to close it again. as soon as you start talking about low carbon agriculture, then you’re onto intensive organic, which maxes out world population at maybe 3 billion at the most. Fucking lunacy.

    I guess this means I should go back to putting the boot in, huh?


    most of the sources I ended up looking at say 2 tablespoons non-iodised salt per quart/liter of water. I’m sure 1 spoon per 2 liters would work, but it’s much less dense, and probably less effective. It’s pretty vile to choke down, but it’s mostly the repitition of glass after glass of brine. 1 liter would be easier, I’m sure, even if it tastes much worse.

    as to when, my thought would be as soon as possible. it would speed up the onset of the fasting condition, but if you’re having detox symptoms or you feel sick, drinking salt water might be asking a bit too much.

  10. Since there is no other way to apparently contact the Laboratorian, is your site going down voluntarily or is there something qwanky going on? Everytime I go lately there’ll be posts listed but no actual posts, and now everything’s gone altogether.

  11. On the salt water flush – if you had to do this over again, would you have flushed on the first day rather than the fifth? If so, would you have waited until the end to take the probiotics?

  12. I think I would do it right away, or as soon as possible.

    and there’s not much point taking the probiotics until you start eating again, otherwise there’s nothing for the bugs to eat themselves.

  13. it’s hard to get good quality probiotics. at the very least, they need to be refrigerated, and probably taken over a period of time. i prefer capsules.

    on a related note, most people these days need to be wormed. folks used to do it a couple times a year, a couple generations back. you can probably get the stuff at the pharmacy.

    it’s good that people are wising up to the symbiotic internal environment, but as usual, it’s being marketed in a fairly crass and misleading way.

  14. Perhaps somebody has asked this of you before, but how do you know that the “feeling better, looking better, more energy, brain working better, etc.” results of this fast are not just relative? What I mean is that, while you might be noticing these dramatic improvements, couldn’t that just be attributed to the difference between your baseline level of energy (while regularly taking in calories) vs. the greatly diminshed level during the peak of the fast? Does that make any sense?

  15. Sure. it makes sense.

    a lot of it may well be subjective, but when you’re as physically active as i am, you get a pretty good sense of where your energy levels are at and what you’re capable of or not. If I can’t go to the gym or do a kung fu class, no amount of relativity is going to make it so. I also know how i feel at the end of these things. I have enough morbid self curiosity to know how I’m functioning to my own eyes, and to asess that on an ongoing basis.

  16. Fuck me, 48 hours of nothing but orange, apple, and berry juice has produced some horrible stomach cramps and diarrhea. I might have to switch to pure water.

  17. I doubt it’s because you’re drinking juice and not water. you’re probably going through some chemical withdrawls, or big detox symptoms. try a fibre laxative to clean out with, or consider the saltwater flush.

  18. It might go without saying, but if you go to most grocery stores and get any fruit juice, you’re actually getting corn syrup, which is all sugar and has no real nutritional value. You’d be better off drinking water.

    Juice from fresh, or find a brand like Odwalla that’s not just flavored corn syrup. Or even Emergen-C packets would probably be better.

    I’ve been studying up for a fast I want to do soon, and the magic formula I keep seeing is lemon juice, cayenne, and a little honey to make it palatable. I had a friend who would carry around a little jug full of the stuff and take a sip when he felt hunger coming on.

    Your needs may vary, of course.

  19. what you’re talking about is a version of what’s called the master clense. you usually do a saltwater flush in the morning, and then the cayenne-lemonade the rest of the time, when you need to.

    I guess it’s similar to juice fast, but I’ve heard of people getting bad effects from the lemonade. usually becuase the honey puts them on a blood sugar roller coaster, and honey is very potent in that way. sometimes people use maple syrup, becuase of them mineral content in high grade stuff. but either way, it’s a bit dodgy.

    on any kind of juice fast, your hunger never really goes away, and that can make it hard. a long period existing on sugar water can mess you up.

    you’re right about the fruit juice. I’m lucky because in canada, its easy to get real fruit juice, even if it’s been pasturised or whatnot. everything is clearly marked. but in the land of 99cent double cheeseburgers, you’re out of luck a lot of the time.

  20. Interesting that folks say that 100% juice isn’t common in grocery stores. I thought the stores were bad here in the northeast; remind me never to head out to the middle of the country.

    And I 100% agree about the difference between the water fasting and the master cleanse type fast, as the only other fast I ever did besides the week long water fast after reading this blog was an attempt at the master cleanse, which failed after a few days (with a goal of 10-14 days), as I just kept being hungry the whole time. On the water fast, on the other hand, I was almost worried that I would just extend it on ad infinitum because by day 4 or 5 I almost had developed an aversion to the idea of food. Day 7 I think was when all of a sudden remembered what hunger was though, as my muscles started getting annoyed with the no nutrition while I was doing heavy lifting on the night shift (at the grocery store…not the recommended environment during a fast). In any case, I should thank you zac, as this fast was commenced a few weeks after finishing college (which was a train wreck for my body), and since the fast I’ve taken up a nearly completely vegan diet (except for the rare wild-caught seafood), and almost completely removed refined sugar and bleached flour, which were some changes that only became apparently even possible after I had gone a week without food. That, and I am down to about 1000-1400 calories a day, with sustained body weight, along with a daily exercise program. The volumes of old occult books help, but frankly, I’m glad to have someone out there who’s carrying this work on to see that its not simply the matter of legend. So, thanks.


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