Okay. So these last six are what you get when half the variables are good, and the rest bad, which will make them composites of the characteristics and relationships we’ve seen so far.

World #11 Best case technology and energy, worst case climate and population:

Similar to world #3 but the drive to colonize new territories is enhanced by climate collapse. Things likely take on a more green-tribalist flavor as well, along with the tribalism that evolves out of population conflict.  A great divergence of posthumanity in many directions

World#12 Best case technology and population, worst case energy and climate:

Somewhere between the primitivist jihad of world 7, and the internalized technology  of world #5. Global warming and peak oil catastrophe drive a backlash against ‘civilisation’ but a resource war scenario forces those who remain to merge with low-energy technology. Cyber primitives with a chip on their shoulder.

World#13 Best case technology and climate, worst case energy and population.

Very similar to world#10, with it’s tension between shrinking energy and expanding population, and still mitigated by advanced technology.

A more stable climate makes this outcome less dire, and we can adapt more slowly and the end state is likely to be less radical. Imagine a world where most of us spend most of our time in a kind of hibernation, enjoying an infinite virtual world, where we can rotate into some kind of tour of duty in the ‘real world’ to help maintain the infrastructure that keeps 15 billion of us on sleeping life support. Kind of like the ‘matrix’ but more voluntary.

World #14 Best case energy and population, worst case technology and climate.

Once again, negative technology with no energy constraints sucks ass. And in this case a falling population is probably more of a mass die off.

Suppose in the face of climate catastrophe, we get an engineered plague that knocks us back down to a billion people, with ferocious genetically engineered predators to keep mankind in line, orchestrated by the environmental priesthood.  12 monkeys meets jurrassic park.

World #15 Best case energy and climate, worst case technology and population.

As in world#9 where we mutate into viral space locusts,  but as the earth remains more stable, it’s likely we’ll see more a split between those who remain on earth, and the faction who exile themselves, or are forced, into the solar system. We eventually become several subspecies, continuously at war with each other with horrific technology, over building materials and living space, and the earth itself remaining the big prize.

World#16 Best case climate and population, worst case energy and technology.

After a long resource war and plunge into energy scarcity we embrace a renunciation of technology and probably put taboos on the horrors of fossil fuels, agriculture, and metallurgy. Every so often a genetic boogeyman or AI shows up to remind everyone how scared they are. Welcome to planet amish.


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