The Depth Scientists Union: consciousness, therefore being

So, before we get too far into the various implications of what depth science is, let’s go to first principles for a moment.

In mainstream science, the bias is usually a kind if naive materialism, empiricism or pseudo Aristotelian sense bias, depending how you look at it. In any case, the upshot is, that everything proceeds from the notion that objective reality, ( as in capable of being made an object of the five external senses) is fundamental, and all else is secondary to this.

Now, I could simply tell you that this kind of naive materialism hasn’t got a leg to stand on, but it’s more fun to roll out uncle ken again, and let him explain why.

Fair enough? So regardless of which tradition you approach it from, they all tend to arrive at the same thing. The only truly irreducible, incontestable foundation for reality is not in fact the senses, or matter, or anything that is apprehended by consciousness. It is only consciousness itself that cannot be detached from, doubted or deconstructed through skepticism. You may discard whatever you like, but not your own presence in the act of discarding.

It is not awareness of things that is primary, but awareness itself. And by pretending not to see this, science has created the insoluble paradoxes of quantum mechanics and whatnot. The first rule of every experiment is simple: train the instrument. And because science has typically left consciousness at the door, the backlog of confused conclusions has finally gotten to the point where they cannot help but let mystics in through the side door.

Because they will not train their primary instrument ( in many cases they will deny that there is in fact, any such instrument as ‘consciousness’ ) , the whole edifice is on shaky ground. They are reduced to simply one more superstitious school of ‘results magick’ whose understanding is built on sand. Surely one need look no further than superstrings, m-theory, and the one free miracle of the big bang, to see this.

So let it down, already, I say. Admit that consciousness is primary. Build your enterprise on sound footing, before it all crumbles in your hands. And for the newcomers: don’t be ashamed of your contemplation, meditation, and inner journeys. It is science as surely as anything is, provided you’ve constituted it properly, in the ways we’ve spoken of.
Just training the instrument, right?

Evolution by the Numbers: Number Seventeen

 number seventeen: understand what’s the same, and what’s different 

what’s the same:

you have the same 24 hours in every day as anyone else

you have no idea how many of those days you will get, just like everyone else

you eat, sleep, breathe, bleed, and feel pain just like everyone else

you operate in the same universe, with the same physical, mental and spiritual principles as everyone else

you are doing what makes the most sense to you, with what you have, just like everyone else

you can only do what you know, just like everyone else

what’s not the same:

nobody has had the same life as you

nobody has learned exactly the same things you have learned

nobody else had your parents, and even your siblings didn’t experience them the same way you did

nobody else had your exact mix and understanding of teachers and role models

nobody else has had to make your choices, the way you had to make them

nobody knows enough about you and your life to judge you, just like you don’t know enough about them, to judge them

nobody is enough like you to make a comparison strong enough to hurt yourself over, or to hurt anyone else over

Building A Better Brand: The Depth Scientists Union

   warning: near toxic levels of earnestness herein

What I have described to you so far in this series is not simply a kind of postmodern squinting at human esoteric development, wherein we are all ‘special’ in our own way.

Rather, I’m talking about how we are all, in a sense, components of a machine. An immense mind-boggling computational engine that has struggled since the beginning of time to fuse spirit, mind and matter. Your life, and the lives of everyone before and after you, is fed into this process, and used to formulate the platform for new evolution.

When I said I wasn’t interested in formulating some new jargon, or a new cult dogma to try and shoehorn everyone into, I wasn’t kidding. One must use words to an extent, and to the extent that we must, it’s important to hold them lightly and to periodically shed them. I think it’s important to remember to always do that, even if only to keep our minds alert and awake.

I wouldn’t even try and do something like this if it was going to be another excuse to draw lines and exclude people and anoint a new priesthood or elite or intellectual vanguard. Everyone gets to sit at this table, because this is the story of all humanity, indeed of all beings, everywhere, struggling to realise themselves.

What I do propose is that we can come together in the understanding that we all want the same things, and we all work to manifest it in more or less the same way. Sometimes it’s all we can do to grapple with the how and the why.

Everyone wants to experience life deeply, to master ourselves and our experience, to communicate, to share and explore community, and everyone wants to contribute, serve others and leave something behind. Anyone who wants to argue with me about this is welcome to do so, because in so doing, they would only prove my point. The very body you inhabit testifies to the struggle of life itself to express its vision.

We all have something to say about the depths of human experience, about how to achieve mastery, and manifest our intentions. When you scrape away the fear, dogma, selfishness and misunderstanding, we are all talking about the same thing, and that holds true in all the realms. It’s time to stop pretending that what happens to us is solely about us. A human experience is a human experience and is open to all human beings. However apparently magickal, or not.

We are all probing the event horizon of what is intelligible, where understanding bleeds into the great mystery.  Where skill becomes magick, and science becomes art. If we can all come together in the understanding that that is our great project, the great project of humanity, we will have achieved something amazing.

The world has mostly embraced the cult of science, clinging to the memory of how it pulled us out of an age of darkness and fear and superstition.  To the extent that we must use words, it would be foolish to neglect that one. But we must go farther, and understand that this is not the science we knew. Or that the world thinks it knows, This is something larger, deeper, more profound. This is the wellspring that the science we know emerged from in the first place, from the depths of  the mystery. Further it would be foolish to overlook how that happened, and how it was done. To backslide into superstition and naivety is the wrong path. That is the legacy of our human forebears from the dawn of time; to gaze into the mystery and understand it better, more clearly, with greater precision. They were not, and are not, any different in their intent than a scientist today, and to pretend otherwise is a grave disservice.

That is the real challenge: to face the mystery, to face the unknowing. Rather than flee from it, to pretend that we have already banished ignorance, or worse still to embrace it. Rather we should accept that it exists, but embrace our role as the those who turn consciously towards it, and make it our life work to stand at the edge of the unknown.  And to get up every day and make that choice all over again. And while that choice, like every real choice, gets made alone, you can take some comfort in knowing that you will not be alone when you have made it.

So pay no mind to my aesthetic choices if they annoy you, but understand what lies behind, just as it lies behind your words, your images. Use what words you like, but perhaps appreciate the value of a shared banner. A United Nations of the Mystery, if you will.

…pay no mind if it displease you, but if it agrees with you, then take a seat, and welcome to the Depth Scientists Union.

Magickal Record 05-14-07

Probably the last one of these for awhile.

I find them kind of dry, and the laundry list approach leaves something to be desired. I find it also reinforces my habit of bitter struggle, which I’d like to dispense with. I suppose if I could change my record into a weekly account of  ecstatic rhapsodising, it might be a different thing, but if so, I might as well call it something different.

In any case, things are bound to get a bit more hectic again soon. I clearly need to update my resume and reenter the mainstream workforce again. I’ve heard on a few occasions that establishing a new business often takes up to three years, when it works at all, so it’ll have to be the long road to self employment for me I guess.

Which begs the question of what to do in the three years it may take to build up my business? Security is out. Work in a spa requires some niceties that would require a bit of a strain on my part. Might temp again for awhile or get back into manual labor for the summer.

If civilisation collapses in the next few years and I get to fall back on the post apocalyptic hunter gatherer skill set, I suppose I’ll be doing all right, but I doubt much of anyone else will, so I’ll set that image aside for now.

I’m feeling the pull of another insight cycle lately, and easing back into some intensive meditation.  I’ve said pretty much everything about that, that I can, and it still causes confusion, so I will commend thou to the experts.

The site clearly isn’t getting updated as much as I’d like but hopefully my computer situation will get resolved within a couple weeks.  In the meanwhile the pocket recorder ought to come in handy. It’s fun to explore a slightly new medium.

My gym activity has reached a tempo where I’m sore pretty much all the time, and I’m always hungry. refining my focus away from building mass I don’t need or want, towards greater strength pound-for-pound, which suits my lifestyle better. Over developed goons with limited range of motion don’t last long in knife fights. But then again, knife fights never last very long anyway. But it’s nice to be the one who drips, not the one who sprays.

…or so I’ve been told. that’s your zen koan for the day.

Augoeides Finale 3 of 3: Daemons, and how to live with them


Back to business.

My longest podcast yet, I think, as I spill my backlog of inspiration into a new pocket digital recorder.

It’s all over for the holy guardian angel, as I engage in a pretty lengthy treatment of fundamental wisdom and the cross cultural core of contemplative practice, with a lot of detail from the buddhist perspective, how to become enlightened and what it means, the difference between understanding your story and understanding reality

…oh and something about getting talked to by an unknown intelligence. That was the point, after all, wasn’t it? It’s been awhile. I almost forgot.

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