Once more ’round the posts, I guess.

It’s been about a week since my fruition apparently dropped, and I do like to wait after these type of things to get a handle on what did or did not happen.

After my first profound mystical experience, I told a couple people that I was one with god, and said that I had touched a part of myself that would never die. That may or may not have been true, but you can see how saying things like that without a certain amount of deliberation can cause some difficulty.

Hence now, I sit, and I wait to see what the overall effect is going to be. Certainly my overall experience of suffering is radically diminished, if not entirely gone. That sense of being squeezed in a vice is gone, and my ability to deepen in concentration and calmness practice is greatly enhanced, to the point where it’s largely effortless to sit in access or 1st jhanna pretty much all the time.

Expect some more detailed review of this subject in the last augoiedes podcast. Suffice to say, I am ‘more’ enlightened’ than I was before, but that don’t necessarily amount to much.

Didn’t get as much done as I was hoping this week, as I had a bit of a relapse in my neck and back stiffness. It’s under control again, but simply a bit of a stern warning about too much useless time in front of machines like this. Makes me recall why I gave up writing for podcasting in the first place.

I’m priming myself for a week long water fast. Nothing mystical about it, simply a health thing. I can’t get too excited about only one a day a week, so maybe one week, twice a year will work better. I do suppose it will provide a bit of a kickstart to meditation but if so it’s a bonus and not really the end.

One thing I did do was clean my room. Or at least it’s in progress. The carpet is a different color now that it’s been vacuumed. I was living in a nest of my own discarded skin flakes and the mini ecology of microbial horrors that thrive on such things. Fuck that. My skin flakes have moved on to discover their own future evolution. God speed them to enlightenment.

Our newspaper advertising starts this Wednesday, so I expect to be rather busy, but I think I can put a few things together for the site. The Big Idea is still germinating, alas.

Updated goals:

-get back to concentrating in depth for at least an hour a day.

-lay plans for a week long water fast

-pay extra close attention to my posture and stretch diligently.

-head down to the clinic everyday to answer the phones as early in the day as possible.

-talk to D. about getting some kung fu going outside. weather warming up and all…

-get the fucking new mic already. if only to drop it from this goddamn list.

-finish up some new content for this site ASAP


8 thoughts on “Magickal Record 04-07-07

  1. Whatever the repercussions, the work you’ve done on yourself, the discipline, is impressive and inspiring. You, and the no-longer-of-this-internet-dream-world fellow called null, and tim continue to be fires, from afar, under my (semi) conscious ass. And that’s a good thing.



  2. Nice one, Zac! Hail the Once-Returner!

    After this, only *one more* incarnation in samsara for you, matey – and that’s a maximum! (Not that you’ll stop here, I’m sure…)

    Good news for all of us, because 2012 is coming, and by then we’re going to need all the enlightened beings on earth we can get.

    Big Love –

  3. Now that it’s starting to finally warm up where I live, I’m thinking of doing a juice fast for a few days. Would you point out some good resources for me to look at? I read a book a while back that was pretty adamant that I shouldn’t use a blender to make juice…so I’m wondering how you did it. I’m at a loss for how to put in a good google search and find good sites right off.

  4. congrats on the fruition. about as close as i’ve gotten to that recently is demons causing all manner of mischief and neurosis. I don’t know how I’ll ever get my application to the Invisible College in at this rate.

    @Mr. Blind: I went through the juice-fasting with some close detail for a couple days at my site, which you can kindly click on my alias here for details. Juice fasting doesn’t have a feverish period that you’d encounter with water fasting, and it’s not really a true fast in that respect. Even so, you’ll still feel a little duh’d-out for a day or two so try not to start during the work-week or ahead of some other responsiblity. Also, since you get to still consume things with some flavor and are still getting some taste-stimulus you don’t have as much nervous energy kicking around. I’d advise on eliminating animal protein from your diet for a day or two before hand. With regards to the actual effort, I’d suggest getting some regular V8 to consume for electrolytes, and to consider– though it’s not a necessity–a magnesium supplement like ZMA and a low-magnesium coral calcium–calcium and magnesium compete for absorbtion so don’t mix them–to maintain your nerves and push your blood pH higher. Beyond that I’d suggest plenty of fruit puree (cut it with water) and lots of hippie-friendly juice that won’t spike blood sugar, like grapefruit or berries etc. Figure out about how many calories you’ll need to consume–be mindful it’ll be entirely fruit sugars–and then buy it at once so you’re not that bothered later, and consider stocking up the fridge at your place of employment. Soy milk, almond milk, etc., tend to have sugar added; rice milk causes an acidic pH and will curb any benefits you’d get from avoiding meat, grain, and dairy, so avoid these. When you’re done with the fast i’d suggest tapering back onto a vegetable protein–i have some pea powder i mix with juice or rice milk to break the fast–to wake up your digestive tract, then animal protein. I got no opinion on the blender, though blenders aren’t great at juicing.

  5. Laboratorian — Thanks. Are the posts you’re talking about on your site “The Purge…”? And “though blenders aren’t great at juicing” makes me think that I really…don’t know what I’m doing. How do you make juice without a blender? What do you use? I mean I’ve seen the little things for lemons but other than that I don’t know.

  6. I made juice using the magical green folding paper trick. Blenders are, as their name suggests, for blending, not juicing, though they work for that, just not great. You can also make juice manifest by acquiring fruits and vegetables and an electric juicer, or if you’re really old-school i’m sure you could find something hand powered at an antique store.

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