By popular demand, we bring you an interpretation of “The Fountain”.

Reincarnation vs rebirth, the neurogenetic drama of humanity and the earth itself, true love vs dependency,  James Joyce and Finnegans Wake, concentration unto madness, and the immanent vs the transcendent.

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Tattoo some tree rings on your arms and get down for tai chi in space, kids.


2 thoughts on “The Mosaic Effect 29: Together We Will Live Forever

  1. Hey man cool podcast. I really liked the film too. My girlfriend pointed out to me that neither the conquistador or the spaceman are real characters but the characters from Izzy’s book. Which shows how stupid I am…

  2. whatever. getting tree ring tattoos, cruising around space in a bubble, and taking a permanent vacation in the 17th jhana sure as hell beats this trip. besides, by the 23rd century they may actually release the movie on DVD so i can watch it, so i should just triple my resveratrol dosage right now.

    but i’m half-serious. I need stuff to work towards, and i need it to be compelling to me, but i also need it to have some greater value than me. homeostasis and all that is fine, but I am not really digging the lunar/psychic paleolith scene and its devouring-mother tendencies. Why else the insistence on the “spiral” dynamics, or the “eight-circuit” model, or even any other developmental model that implies progress beyond the current state? Things happen for a “purpose” and that purpose is a structural necessity–and humans are the only animals that survive by living beneath their potential–the why of which I will carry to the end of my days.

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