Right. Enough Bullshit.

  Took me a little longer than I was expecting to kick the bug out of my system, but with the aid of some good quality vitamins, I believe that’s that. My own fault for going off them in the first place.

  So it’s back to the gym today, and kung fu tonight. Have to remind myself to get some other training days going outside in the warmer months. It’s not really feasible to perfect the skills in a couple hours a week. 

 Alaina’s away for a week so I’m taking the opportunity to hide out at her place and hopefully get some things done on the cushion, as it were. I keep getting peeks at some new territory meditation wise but it’ll require some sustained effort to camp there.

  I’d almost forgotten how irritating it can be to live with other people, even if you never see them. I was an only child with few friends so I’ve never really been comfortable in the presence of other people for long periods. Even when I like or even love them, it tires me out something fierce.

  When she gets back we’ve agreed to do an as close to all alkaline diet as possible for a while, as an experiment if nothing else. Meaning mostly green veggies and whatnot. I’d turn into a zombie with no animal protein so fear not for me lapsing into the vegan holy man category. I have enough dubious spiritual distinctions already to answer for.

  The coherent ideas are back, after they’d retired to the country for some fresh air and sunshine. I’ve decided against getting my home computer up and running again, at least until I can work out this latest fruition. Office work is one thing, but it too big of a distraction otherwise.

   The ‘business meeting’ at the clinic is in a couple days, and if nothing else I’ll be able to determine my working strategy for the next couple months on the basis of that. I may end up working in a spa this summer. Not ideal but still serviceable.

Goals for the next week:

-at least three hours of seated insight or concentration practice every fucking day

-stretch my neck and inguinal area twice a day rather than just once, as I do now.

-perfect my weightlifting form

-alkaline diet kicks in next week, so shopping is in order, for like, food and stuff.

-get a new mic

-fast one day just water

-do as little talking as possible, and definitely no shit talk or swearing.

-create something for the site every day, even if it’s crap and I throw it out right away.


4 thoughts on “Magickal Record 03-16-07

  1. Your back must be in super condition or mine is in the gutter since I can barely make it 20 minutes sitting down without problems even if I do yoga first. Congrats on that.

  2. well when i say ‘seated’ I should really say ‘stationary’ because i do walking meditation constantly but you go deeper when you don’t have to wonder about about banging into glass doors and stuff.

    i can usually do an hour or so upright on chair cushion or bench but the bulk of my work gets done on my back lying down. I’m not one of those people who has trouble falling asleep, so it works the best. my back is pretty good though. it was pretty gibbled for about a year but it’s better now. has to be if you’re going to do squats.

  3. So I thought a bit about why people might fall asleep when they lay down, and I thought it might be related to the “count your breaths” post in evolution by the numbers where you say that it usually takes several years…because people avoid counting their breath. Since I’m one of those people who do fall asleep, I figured I’d try to lay down and count my breath today instead of just drifting around aimlessly in my head trying to lie still. Two interesting things happened – my back hurt the same way it does if I try and sit in meditation and I didn’t start to fall asleep since I was counting my breath. On a related note while I was browsing wikipedia for random things today I came across this: Ghanood (Somnolence)

    This is the starting level of meditation. When a person starts meditation, he enters into a somnolent or sleep state often. With the passage of time, the person goes into a state between sleep and wakefulness. So the person can remember that he saw something, but not specifically what it is.


  4. I dunno, after about 30 minutes, I start nodding off about a third of the time, even when I’m getting enough rest. I’m doing Tibetan-style vipassana right now and having a heck of a time maintaining focus after the initial stages at times.

    I’ve been appreciating your podcast more and more though. It’s inspiring to hear the ups and downs at times.

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