number sixteen: doing it feels better than not doing it

In any practice, especially practice like we do here, there will be days where it feels like shit. There will be days where you’re too goddamn tired. There will be days when you can think of a million other things that seem a lot more important, or at least more urgent, which is a much different thing.

There’s nothing wrong with not being able to do the things you love all that well all the time. What’s really corrosive to your soul, however, is knowing it’s important, and then lying to yourself about it, so you don’t have to try. So you don’t have to suffer the sting of thinking how shit you are.

The hidden message of this is to stop thinking of things in this way. But the one you can take away right off the bat, is, it’s better to do it, even if it’s crap, then to live with the scars that come from not doing it. If it’s important, if you really want and need to do this, then accept it, live with it, and commit yourself to it. Don’t backpedal and tell yourself stories when it turns out to be a painful sometimes.

If you want to master anything, you have to treat it like a master does, and the secret every master will tell you is, you have to show up, even when it’s a waste of time. Especially when it’s a waste of time.

One thought on “Evolution by the Numbers: Number Sixteen

  1. Hey, I just found your site, Tim Boucher linked to you about the “royal Art”

    I thought it was a cool article. It looks like I am into a lot of the same stuff you are.

    I’d say this post is good advice. I am going through this with trying to be a writer three weeks ago I committed to writing 2,000 words a day and so far this is the first week I have kept it up everyday.

    Great website! Keep it up.


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