In which I pinch some conceptual structure from the buddha in order to pull it all together.  Enjoy my convalescent,  semi-fevered ravings on virtue, plato vs aristotle, why rationalisation is bullshit, and living a human life. And since I’ve mentioned it so many times; how to find out what your own values actually are.

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6 thoughts on “Augoeides Finale 1 of 3: you don’t have to live like a $%#@ing cockroach

  1. you could always get stuck with conflicting values. or find yourself attempting to fulfill one value which is readily accessible in society’s institutions while those same institutions deny other values. likewise, say you do have some goals that lead to value conflicts–since things take time to manifest you might have to “rationalize” during the unfortunate intermission. E.g., “Pay off my credit card” and “see the world” are not exactly in-line with each other unless you start to get pretty creative–or join the US Armed Forces–but there’s the rub, it’s very difficult to find something that isn’t having you working at cross-purposes.

    not criticism, just food for thought.

  2. most of the time I think you’re talking about goals, not values. likewise, one has to make the distinction between a ‘means value’ which only helps you to get to something else, and an ‘ends value’ which is a thing- in- itself.

    what I’m talking about is getting down to the level of the things in themselves, not the external correlates. not what it looks like to the five senses, but what it means. plato vs aristotle.

    once you do that things don’t conflict very much, if at all, and if they do it’s because of reversal into a negative. the ‘free from’ rather than the ‘free for’

  3. indeed. that’s why they call it ‘dukkha’. cause getting anything in this world of flickering pixels to correlate to anything else is pretty fucking hard, and it doesn’t last long.

  4. even as much as I’ve enjoyed your recent slew of recordings, this one is probably the most motivating peice you’ve done since the start of “systematic for the people”. while i don’t think there is anything terribly ground-breaking content-wise (compared to bits and peices of what you’ve already said), there is an urgency and conviction in your voice that communicates far more than words alone ever could. great job. i’m excited for the final two episodes.

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