Evolution by the Numbers: Number Eight

number eight: get interested

The usual way of conducting one’s life is to concern oneself primarily with those things that directly impact or interest  ‘me’.  And by ‘me’ I mean ‘you’.

However, at any given moment, the percentage of observable phenomena in the universe that have any bearing on ‘you’ whatsoever is so vanishingly small that ‘you’ might as well not even mention it. Except, of course, that it’s really important to ‘you’, isn’t it?

The only solution to this frankly lousy predicament is to widen your horizons a little bit and start to asses reality and it’s merits based on something besides servicing your sense of utterly delusional self-importance. If ‘you’ actually want to understand what’s going on well enough to create anything of interest to yourself , ‘you’ need to set yourself aside and actually start to care about everything else that’s going on. Feel free to vanish up your own ass into self obsession if you want, but sooner or later the universe will recycle your ass and no one will  know the difference. Except insofar as it happens to service their own self obsession in that particular moment.

It’s not about you.

  It’s never been about you.

  It will never be about you.

It all goes along just fine without you. 

  Get over it.

The Mosaic Effect 27: Pseudo-Tradition, Counter-Tradition, and the Sopranos


We seek another touchstone in the popular culture in order to discuss a pivotal idea in my work; the concept of transmission, both esoteric and not, and how this idea appears before an audience of millions, week in, week out.

   martial arts, buddhism, rene guenon, initiation, and the end of the world as mob drama

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Evolution by the Numbers: Number Seven

number seven: finish your thoughts

Anyone with a passing familiarity with mystical or meditative literature will probably have come across the idea that one should ‘stop’ thoughts. How exactly this might be possible is not always clear.

I will propose to the contrary: as a famous mystic once said ( I could tell you his name, but do you really care? ) Why are you so concerned with stopping thoughts? Try finishing a thought for a change. When you do, the thoughts will go away on their own.

The normal pattern for human thinking is to have dozens, if not hundreds, of unresolved thoughts in the background. Advertising takes advantage of this. I believe it’s called the zeigarnick effect. A long chain of open propositions creates anxiety. Makes it easier to manipulate people. But I digress…

Instead, take one of these hanging threads of thought, and tie it up. Select a line of thinking and finish it. Doesn’t mean you can’t pick it up later, but when you’re done with it for the time being, reach a conclusion in your own mind about it and then set it aside. Do this methodically until you actually have to look to find a thought that won’t go away.

Conversely, if you’re really obsessed with something, then follow it without any breaks at all, until it’s done. Or, as done as you can make it. You’ll either find some marvellous conclusions, or you’ll find it’s not worth the hassle. In which case, it was never worth the hassle to begin with.

Evolution by the Numbers: Number Six

number six: decide what you want, and then do it

Not so easy as it sounds. Let me be more specific: every day, decide on the ONE THING that is most important for you to achieve each day. Not three things, not two things, ONE THING. And then DO IT.

It doesn’t need to be hard. That’s not that point. It can be dead easy. If the most important thing for you every day is dead easy, then you’re probably blessed. But the point is, to make a decision about what you want, what it means to you, and act on it, to completion.

How many times do you actually do this in the course of a day? What kind of a life is it, when you almost never fully manifest an intent? That’s the point. Not meandering through your routine, not reacting against something, not going through a whole series of default options, not existing in a haze of half-formed ideas and unmanifested intentions.

Make sure you do that just once every day, and see how it feels.

Evolution by the Numbers: Number Five

number five: stretch

As  a massage therapist and student of medicine in general, with a sprinkle of various kinds of psychology and whatnot, I can tell you with some degree of certitude that the pattern of deterioration in the outer parts of the body follows a pretty predictable track: wear, contraction and rigidity. 

 So, it ought to be fairly obvious that the antidote to this is regular maintainence, which really just means, first of all,  regular healthy use, as the body is good at repairing itself if you don’t abuse it too seriously, and for the latter two, counteracting those tendancies to fall into a sinkhole of limited motion and familiar physical patterns.

 Which is all a nice way of saying that if you don’t encourage your body to move and stretch and explore it’s full range of motion, you will lose it. And when you lose that, you also begin, interestingly enough, to lose some of the flexibility in the mind. Indeed, these two go hand in hand.

 In this day and age, it’s shocking to see how young some people’s bodies are going to hell because they can’t get up from the fucking desk and stretch a little bit every half an hour. Spare yourself some pain, for christ’s sake. I don’t need the money that badly.

   Yoga, tai chi, pilates, swimming, dance, most sports. These are all adequate, or simply get a book of stretches from the library and read it. Although obviously, something like yoga or tai chi constitutes a more comprehensive regimen than most.

 When you encourage your body to open up and move, especially in ways it never has before,  the mind inevitably follows. Don’t underestimate the mind expanding side effects of a good back or groin stretch.

Evolution by the Numbers: Number Four

number four: talk less, listen more

 Pretty self-explanatory, one would think, but maybe not. Part of evolving as a human being is learning to find a healthy and creative mode of interacting with the world. To do that you need to be acquiring accurate information about what’s going on with things besides you.  

  It’s pretty much impossible to do this when you’re constantly blathering away, trying to imprint your ideas on the world around you, or conversely, filling your own head with inane chatter.

  So, on a regular basis, set aside some time where you do not speak, inside or outside, only listen. As a  lifestyle modification the farther you take this the happier you will be. Accurate information about how the world around you works and how other people perceive it can only work to your benefit.

  The far optimal end of doing this would be to not speak at all, unless spoken to, or solicited for one’s views, excluding those instances where it would be disruptive and obtrusive not to talk, but those are relatively few.

 The other side of this is to acquire a ‘sit spot’.  Birdwatchers use this method to observe patterns of avian activity and develop an understanding of bird language, but it works for pretty much anything on the same principle.

 Go to the same place at the same time at some regular interval for a set amount of time.  Each instance you go, just sit, like you should be doing already, and listen to the signals being sent all around you.

Examine the web of communication that constitutes all of observable nature.

The Mosaic Effect 26 : Donnie Darko and the Aeon of Horus

    A bit of a lark this time, as we probe the epochal import of the film Donnie Darko.

  Is it possible for a film to herald the turning of the age, or perhaps, to hold it back?

  world destroying paradoxes, the hierophanies of osiris and horus, the dying god, creative destruction, the last temptation of christ, and some examples of a ‘neo-traditionalist’ film interpretive  method.

Good clean fun, for those of you who take movies way too seriously.

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“I can do anything I want, And so can you…”