One thing I especially enjoyed from the augoeides experiment was the impetus that comes of public disclosure to fulfill ones intentions.

accordingly, and in keeping with my recent injunction to start a journal, we’ll do something along those lines here.

I’d like to keep it fairly minimal and divide it into two parts; an overview of my current practice over a given period and an updated list of goals, intentions and whatnot.

Now granted, I haven’t even posted the finale for the augoiedes series, but I don’t mind talking about where I’m at now. Shouldn’t spoil any of the goodies.

Since I quit my security job in january, my main focus has been to build up my massage business. For the moment that mostly consists of getting up early, heading down to the clinic, and manning the phones, and distributing promotional materials when I have time.

I’ve been trying to either write or record something for the site everyday, but my home computer’s hard drive crapped out, and I need to get that fixed, cause it’s cramping my style. For the moment, alaina’s computer, and here at the clinic fill the gap. I also got a pocket digital audio recorder for my birthday, so that makes things easier. I still need to load files onto my desktop to edit and upload them, but makes the recording process more versatile.

Physically, I’m doing well. I hit the gym three times a week at least, sometimes four. I probably don’t hit it as hard as I could when I’m there, but I’m still exploring my limits in this area. The results seem to be good so far.

My diet as usual, leaves something to be desired, but I don’t have the cash to throw around on health food right now. It’s pretty minimal in any event, though I do eat with alaina more often of late, which probably keeps me alive. My intake of water and minerals is good, and that’s an absolute minimum for good health.

I stretch every day religiously, and I’m getting the flexibility in my hips and neck I was aiming for, which is kind of ironic since I quit doing ninjitsu last month, which is what I mostly wanted it for. I still do kung fu on fridays and hope to take up some tai chi or maybe a short stint of brazillian juijitsu soon.

Emotionally, I’m definitely more together of late. My security job was keeping me on the ragged edge of sanity, and making the break from that resolved a lot of emotional ambiguity that was wearing on me. I was relying on meditation and various meta programming tricks to keep me from falling apart, which is a pretty exhausting way to live, I’ll tell you that for nothing.

The area I’m really pleased with is my concentration and insight practice. I usually get in a half hour or so of insight or concentration during the day, and another hour in the evening before bed. I’m really settling into a good practice routine, which is fine, until work screws it up again.

On saturday, I brushed up against the completion of another cycle of insight practice. For those of you who don’t understand that, suffice to say, the meditative examination of mind and body that yields enlightenment operates in a predictable cycle of practice. It starts hard, flashes on a high point, gets really dark and painful then you climb to a culmination.

That’s an absurdly succinct summary but I obviously recommend you consult mastering the core teachings of the buddha in the sidebar for more detail.

In any event, it is possible to stumble through these things with some success and not really know it, which a lot of people to do mixed benefit, especially characters like me who do all kinds of brain bending exercises as a lifestyle, but this is the first time since maybe 2002 I’m very sure of where I’m at and how I’m progressing. I shall keep you posted.

My current, updated list of goals:

-one hour of just jhanna, seated, every day

-take my ordination test

-stretch my neck and inguinal area twice a day rather than just once, as I do now.

-perfect my weightlifting form

-clean up my diet definitively, so as to remove my recently acquired allergies and maintain good energy levels ie; eliminate bread, dairy, pesticides, additives and whatnot as much as possible. eat more fresh food.

-get my hard drive fixed.

-get a new mic

-business meeting asap

-fast one day a week

-stop swearing altogether, except for artistic usages.

-assess my material possessions and dispose of anything extraneous asap.

-maintain an incrementally increasing level of invested energy and consistency in this site.

-further, be prepared to continue this and keep doing cheap introductory treatments for as long as it takes to build a client base.

-get a cellphone to receive calls for the clinic.

-get the website up to a traffic level where ads and donations are a significant portion of my income ie; post something every day, for starters.

-variously, attract business propositions on the basis of my work here.

we’ll polish this up as we go…

5 thoughts on “Magickal Record 02-28-07

  1. When you said you do your insight practice before bed, do you go to sleep immediately after that? I’m wondering because someone told me a few years ago not to meditate before I go to sleep (and usually if I get to the point that I’m tired enough to want to sleep it’s not relevant because if I try to sit it’s like falling asleep anyway) so I’m curious as to how it works for you.

  2. sometimes meditating can charge up the nervous system to the point where sleep is hard.

    I’ve never really had this problem. the only time i’ve ever had trouble sleeping is when i wasn’t meditating enough…

  3. Interesting comment since yesterday I had to work all day and fell into bed when I got home without meditating but I couldn’t sleep.

  4. “I was relying on meditation and various meta programming tricks to keep me from falling apart, which is a pretty exhausting way to live, I’ll tell you that for nothing.”

    I’ll second that.

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