number thirteen: write it down

One of the hoariest conventions of doing magical work is to keep a journal, variously known as a ‘magickal record’

Myself, I never saw much use in this, as I have a nearly-eidetic memory for most things, and writing down stuff I knew I probably wasn’t going to forget seemed pointless. But it wasn’t until recently that  I understood the larger part of this.

Every day we live is a kind of reset button. It may not seem like it, but each night and new day takes the edge off the endless stream of experience and allows your mind to meander in all the same ways it likes to do, allowing you to forget just enough of your dull routine so that it seems new enough to bother carrying on with.

When you actually record what you’re doing, esoteric or not, from one day to the next, it binds your life into a narrative, and when you do that, a certain part of the mind responds to that and begins ordering your life into a narrative as well.

Besides the benefits of exact note keeping, you may find that turning your life into a story invites the possibility of  actual story resolution.

Sound suitably cryptic? Good.

…and no, I don’t care  how exactly you do it.  Get a book. Write something in it everyday. If it happens to relate to this stuff, then so much the better.

3 thoughts on “Evolution by the Numbers: Number Thirteen

  1. this is a good one, I try to write in 2 diaries each day, a dream diary as soon as I wake up. Also in the morning I pick a tarot card for the day, then at night I write the day diary along with the analysis of what the day had to do with the tarot card I picked in the morning.. somewhat interesting exercise.

  2. Zac, you continue to serve, consciously or not, as a helluva motivating agent. Thank you.

    Keeping a journal can be an invaluable tool, to be sure. I believe its value does not lie so much as a memory aide for those lacking the gift of perfect recall; rather, it serves as a context-checker & personal bullshit-detector (provided one practices brutally loving self-honesty & thorough documentation).

    The past few months (after a life-time of building up to it) have culminated to the point where I’ve decided to take a committed deep-dive into the study of Western Mystery Tradition. I’ve found a written log to be an necessary personal tool for self-discipline & introspection, even at this very early juncture of my studies. It has been fascinating to reread entries after particularly strange events and contemplate their context, as well as deeper meaning. I understand that such written work is undertaken by some as a means of creating a potential legacy for future seekers… however, I will be quite content with it serving as an aide to getting my own shite in order. The hope that it will ripple outward seems like a bonus, although I surmise it is in fact THE point.

    Frankly, I imagine that the quickening of the maturation process (which I suspect is the goal of most esoteric initiatory self-work) is damn difficult with out employing some sort of concrete/ manifested documentary process (written, artistic/ symbolic, spoken/ recorded) that may be used as a reference point or ‘diver-down’ marker, something of a buoy marker in rough seas…

    The documentation process serves in much the same capacity as a bread-crumb trail leading back out the forest of one’s work (itself a part of the greater Work?). Of course, this analogy does not address the possibility of the denizens of the forest eating your trail… not that is necessarily a bad thing, mind you. You are, after all, merely giving back to the world that what it has given you. Its not like the point of the journey is to go back, anyhow.

  3. For me the value of a journal comes in sort of consistently looking at the same things. For example, last week I wanted to listen to the band “Mindless Self Indulgence” and for whatever reason I realized that when I go to the grocery store and buy a ton of food so I can kick back and watch tv and eat at the same time, that’s what I’m doing. After deciding I would try to be aware of doing that and you know…stop…I promptly forgot after two or three days. Then this morning I thought “Well it’s time to write my journal” and things like that that I’ve been trying to remember/look at/pay attention to were like “Hey don’t forget me or you’ll go back to it again!”

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