number twelve: start counting your breaths

 At any point when you aren’t preoccupied by something else, either walking or sitting, put your attention on your breaths and start counting them. Even the actual numbering isn’t that important, but if you lose track of the numbers it’s a good sign to reapply your attention.

 The nice thing about this is that you don’t need to know why this works, only that it will. Learning some of the subtle changes in focus will make it go quicker, but it’s just as likely you’ll figure them out yourself.

  Besides sharpening your concentration and calmness, this is a natural doorway into some profound meditative states, and with practice you can carry this anywhere doing almost anything.

  There is literally nothing else you need to know to become a master meditator. If you spend enough time with this process all else becomes clear. The only caveat is that it takes most people several years to really take off doing it this way, so I wouldn’t cut you loose on that alone. That said, the only reason it usually takes several years is that most people spend most of that time trying to avoid actually doing the practice.

  So do as you will.

8 thoughts on “Evolution by the Numbers: Number Twelve

  1. this is a hard one.. do you mean count breaths like 10 mins a day or all day? what about your attention if doing something else?

  2. If this is what you start with, do you eventually try to get to the point where you’re no longer counting? Does that fall away naturally?

  3. because everyone usually has a lot of practice and conditioning to not focus in one place for very long. takes some time to counteract that

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