number eleven: get your freak on

I’m going to err on the side of caution once again, and assume that most of your are suffering some kind of neurotic tension, sexual repression, or misdirected, distorted or pathological manifestation of your bodily energy.

The reason Ican say that with some confidence is that developing these maladaptations is kind of the default conditioning given to us for dealing with the sick, emotionally hysterical, borderline psychotic society such as much of the world now is. That, and the demographics for mostly white, mostly male, internet using, highly abstract thinkers skew towards the neurotic.

So I don’t mean to suggest that you might be sexually frustrated, suffering from warped body image, repressed fantasies that lean towards the perverse, and getting worse all the time, or that you might be suffering various body syndromes and disorders resulting from same… but for the moment indulge me while I address all those other fucked up people over there.

Quite simply, the best way of dealing with this kind of crossed wiring, and the slightly disturbing energy that you are probably giving off because of it( which is not so bad as it sounds since most everybody else is too, to some greater or lesser extent), is to vent all that stuff in some kind of healthy, socially responsible kind of way.

For those of you in a ‘relationship’, however loosely you define such a thing, this probably means actually talking to your partner about what you really want, and seeing if you can’t come to some sort of acceptable arrangement. Instead of, you know, hoping they become telepathic and find out that you secretly want to be bound and whipped and subjected to golden showers or something.

Sadly most people are so insecure, even in what passes for a loving partnership, that they can’t even talk about these things, and play tippey toes around each other, and any hint of organic libido, and how it might pass through the prism of our own unique imprinted imagery.

I will be the last to say that a relationship ought to be founded on sex, but I will also be the last to say you should try to ignore it either.

For the rest of you, if you’re not in a relationship and you want to be, a big reason for that is probably some of that body pathology and distorted self image I was talking about.

One of the better ways of redressing this that doesn’t involve depraved sex acts, is to get some body work. Y’know, massage and stuff. One way to reprogram the body and it’s responses is to wipe the slate with some pleasure signals. Getting a nice thorough massage on a regular basis is a good way to do this.

If you feel good, you will look good( or, at least, on a subtle level, better), and when you look good, it’s more likely another human will want to see you naked.

And lastly, if you’re a celibate either for a temporary undertaking, or as a lifestyle, some body work will still probably be useful to smooth out the repressed body energy, and help you focus it on whatever else it is you’re doing.

2 thoughts on “Evolution by the Numbers: Number Eleven

  1. Yeah I’m pretty damn neurotic; and unfortunately, I don’t think spiritual progress (through insight practice and whatnot) will help in that area — unless I’m mistaken, I think Wilber mentioned how certain lines in a person will not be touched by spiritual progress.

    I know I look good; I make certain every time I leave the house, and I like to think I’m pretty good with the body language stuff after years of practice (even when I’m alone) and observance (does that sound arrogant?). But I do have deep seated rage and frustration, and I think this is what is scaring off a lot of people I come in contact (ranging from strangers to acquaintances), although I can never be too sure. Yeah… I’m pretty sure I scare off or unnerve a lot of people I come across — just can’t pinpoint the exact reason(s).

    What do you mean by repressed body energy? And what would be an example of body work? Asana Yoga?

  2. yeah. but like I said, a decent massage once in a while will do just fine.

    an extreme example of repressed body energy…

    have you ever seen one of those guys who’s like 30 or so, not especially well groomed, and likes to watch japanese anime obsessively, or read comic books or play D&D or whatever? not that there’s anything wrong with that, but have you ever noticed the way these guys move? like their skeleton is moving independant of the rest of their body? these guys have so much repressed sexual tension, and they are so unaware of it, that they litterally don’t know how to move or walk smoothy.

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