Yes, indeed. The esoteric ‘analysis’ of Fight Club. Specifically, as a map of the kabbalistic tree of life, and the quest for the holy guardian angel, which is obviously somewhat close to my heart of late.

Malkuth,Netzach,Tiphareth, crossing the abyss,  the dark night of the soul, the ikea nesting instinct, a vision of the high priestess, acceptance of death, jungian individuation, and the shadow pathology of the idealised self

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Direct download: TME28-I_am_Jacks_HGA.mp3

“All the ways you wish you could be, that’s me. I look like you wanna look, I fuck like you wanna fuck, I am smart, capable, and most importantly, I am free in all the ways that you are not.”

“Little by little, you’re letting yourself become… Tyler Durden.”


3 thoughts on “The Mosaic Effect 28: …I am Jack’s Holy Guardian Angel

  1. I reckon these movie analyses are very good indeed.
    Fancy taking on The Fountain or Pan’s Labyrinth?

    Also could you recommend a good book about the kabbalistic tree of life?

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