number six: decide what you want, and then do it

Not so easy as it sounds. Let me be more specific: every day, decide on the ONE THING that is most important for you to achieve each day. Not three things, not two things, ONE THING. And then DO IT.

It doesn’t need to be hard. That’s not that point. It can be dead easy. If the most important thing for you every day is dead easy, then you’re probably blessed. But the point is, to make a decision about what you want, what it means to you, and act on it, to completion.

How many times do you actually do this in the course of a day? What kind of a life is it, when you almost never fully manifest an intent? That’s the point. Not meandering through your routine, not reacting against something, not going through a whole series of default options, not existing in a haze of half-formed ideas and unmanifested intentions.

Make sure you do that just once every day, and see how it feels.


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