number four: talk less, listen more

 Pretty self-explanatory, one would think, but maybe not. Part of evolving as a human being is learning to find a healthy and creative mode of interacting with the world. To do that you need to be acquiring accurate information about what’s going on with things besides you.  

  It’s pretty much impossible to do this when you’re constantly blathering away, trying to imprint your ideas on the world around you, or conversely, filling your own head with inane chatter.

  So, on a regular basis, set aside some time where you do not speak, inside or outside, only listen. As a  lifestyle modification the farther you take this the happier you will be. Accurate information about how the world around you works and how other people perceive it can only work to your benefit.

  The far optimal end of doing this would be to not speak at all, unless spoken to, or solicited for one’s views, excluding those instances where it would be disruptive and obtrusive not to talk, but those are relatively few.

 The other side of this is to acquire a ‘sit spot’.  Birdwatchers use this method to observe patterns of avian activity and develop an understanding of bird language, but it works for pretty much anything on the same principle.

 Go to the same place at the same time at some regular interval for a set amount of time.  Each instance you go, just sit, like you should be doing already, and listen to the signals being sent all around you.

Examine the web of communication that constitutes all of observable nature.

2 thoughts on “Evolution by the Numbers: Number Four

  1. For a “sit spot,” need this be in natural surroundings, or can one examine the “web of communication” in an urban environment as well?

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