Welcome friends to our second season of self- contained wide ranging spiritual and intellectual speculations.

 My goal is to shake off some of the rigidity of our recent excercises and explore some of the remodeled mental landscape. So, while perhaps not ‘light’ it will be ‘light-er’.

   We open with some of our premises for this new round of shows, and an underlying exploration of the mysterious hand of the collective unconscious, with the inevitable tip of the hat to pop occulture, pierre grimes, dream yoga, various schools of art interpretation, the media dialectic, and a tangential reffence to battlestar galactica

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 Direct download: TME25-the_hidden_order.mp3

… and yes, the grand denoument to the augoeides series is coming, so fear not.


5 thoughts on “The Mosaic Effect 25 : The Hidden Order

  1. Great to see this series poke its head up again, even if it may go by a different guise someday soon.

    To take you up on your offer for requests…

    By far, the most world-rocking thing I’ve gotten from your blog this past year came in Systematic for the People #1 — the idea of restriction or control as the foundation for all further development. The metaphor of an internal skeleton is terrific, as is that of water pressure accumulating in pipes.

    For me, this made me face down drinking and smoking habits I’ve developed over the years. While they are significantly less extreme than they were during my college years, I am finding that I can only get so far away from them before they remind me who is boss, even if only once in a while. My guess is that other components of the “system” need tweaking as well, which is all fine.

    But for the request — I would love to hear you discuss your experience (as one who doesn’t drink, smoke pot, etc) in social situations where the lifestyle is fueled by habits such as these. The base example, for me, is staying up late on a Friday night — I’m tired as hell from working all week and we have company over… without some kind of chemical intake (alcohol, caffiene, pot), I find that it is tough to stay active, alert, focused on the conversation, etc.

    In my experience, intoxication seems like an “energy loan”, of sorts, which we be paying back the next morning. I am by no means loyal the substances… they are mere vehicles… though I would much like to be able to travel without them.

  2. I think I have a couple ideas along those lines. I think you’ll find that pretty much every lifestyle is intertwined with some kind of chemical consumption.

    even in my house where everyone is a meditating, spiritually inclined, straightedge, you wouldn’t believe the junk food consumption at times. the fasting and mindfull tone keeps it from getting out of hand, but in a society where everything is driven by alchohol, caffiene, nicotiene, white sugar, and yes indeed, in my town above all- pot, something has gotta give somewhere.

  3. the part where you’re talking about accidents in film: well, i think it actually *does* happen in writing but you have to sort of relax your control in order to make it happen. thats a major element to how i have been working lately: sort of allowing random disconnected bits to accidentally drop in, letting other people’s words flow more and more through my own. and there definitely comes a phenomenon when you do that where these elements start to click and connect for people in their own lives reading it and even more profoundly in mine. yeah…

  4. I suppose that’s how I’m thinking of things right now. I take it for granted that when you relax your control, things can be steered.

    My curiosity now is to explore what’s doing the steering, and to what end. Not in a paranoid conspiracy sense, but in a life affirming dialectical process that incorporates our media expressions

  5. I agree with Tim. My wife and I got a video camera for a wedding gift a few months back, and our increasing experience with the medium is slowly allowing these “accidental” golden moments to find their way in there. This past weekend, a group of us did some improv taping during a rather drunken night of celebrating, and I was quite shocked the next morning to see how seamless things seemed to fit together. There were certain shots, cuts, angles, zooms (etc) that I wouldn’t have considered possible, considering our state of mind. There was a lot of crap as well, to be sure, but the play-like attitude we unconsciously brought to the taping yeilded good benefits.

    Been making a recent foray back into sketching, digital art, photoshop (etc) and I’m realizing those golden moments of ideas come when I’m not trying. most of the best stuff I sketched was in class back in college, when I was under the trance-like spell of the teacher’s voice. Learning to recreate those moments seems to be the challenge, of course, and no doubt all-around proficiency in your medium will only help.

    Reminds me of the Picasso quote — “I’ve spent all my life trying to paint like a child again,” or something like that. This was the genius of the latest White Stripes album — they reminded me of little kids in a nursery banging around all the different toys with absolute mastery.

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