We’re almost over now, for this exercise. So I’m glad this is perhaps my favorite out of the series, or at least, the one that came together the best, and not in some feverish half conscious delerium of pain and confusion.

That’s a good sign, if nothing else.

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3 thoughts on “Augoeides Week 6: Nothing Else Matters

  1. I like the analogy to boiling down the behavior/codes to a few single rules (as opposed to individual rules for the many components). Ever since reading the systems theory PDF you posted recently (by Donella Meadows), I’ve had this analogy in mind when thinking of the most powerful (and final) way to change a system — changing the paradigm. I look forward to the return of that series, if it is indeed part of your plan.

  2. it is. but my last attempt at that wasn’t really satisfactory to me. wrong thing, wrong time, all that. gotta wrap this up first. which i will. soon.


    that, and i’ve got three other projects boiling right now for the site, and I’m going to be moving hosts soon as well, so in case anyone’s fascinated to hear what else I’m doing, that’s what it is.

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