It’s not very often I’ve had occasion to pause, and perhaps tremble slightly, at some of the possibilities of my particular lifestyle. Some things you’d like to be ready for, but you’re almost certain you aren’t.

   So we talk a bit about one of those rare intervals, where a truly irrevocable change becomes possible. Things done here, never get undone.

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5 thoughts on “Augoeides Week 6: Crossing The Threshold

  1. I am lost, now. Why the paranoia over the self-delusion, and why the hesitancy over the semi-delusional idea that one is responsible for one’s experience. To quote Mr. Matheny, “Look, you are either part of a participatory universe or you are not.” And if you’re not, then you are passively accepting the “content” of someone else’s trip and reinforcing its validity. There is room for the “yang” path in a greater cosmos. Can you elaborate, and point us to some source links, like the D. Rushkoff talks you mention?

  2. well in retrospect, there was some confused thinking at work. I’m not sure i articulated the feeling I was aiming for so well.

    for instance it’s kind of funny to hear myself worrying over vanishing into a self created world of delusion, as if there’s anyone on earth who isn’t already doing this to some extent. and, as if I were in touch with some ‘reality’ to begin with, which is usually debatable.

    over and over i keep kind of tripping over the ‘reality’ of some ideas which i had thought worked out, but only in theory, and ideas which I had thought worked out in reality, but not in practice. it’s humbling, for certain.

    here is the main rushkoff talk i was thinking of, although it’s more a gestalt of ideas I’ve picked up from his body of work.

  3. …and does ‘at work’ mean you’re listening to my stuff in the very corrodoors of power itself? truly the empire has become decadent and the howling partisans of chaos stand poised to devour it from within.

  4. It’s weird, I’ve never suffered from any sorts of paranoia. However, I am wary to cast any magic that I’ve not explored through its little details first. For example, I rarely cast sigils cuz of results I am still observing from, literally, up to five years ago. The observation aids a lot in my interpretation and analysis of how the effects spread out through my life’s context and time in general.

    But I did want to say that I did have the fear put back in me, the first time since I was in my teens, with the reading of Lisiewski’s Ceremonial Magic & The Power of Evocation: A System of Personal Power. It sounds like the familiarity you’re acquiring with your paranoia is a good sign, as it shows that you’re treading along grounds predominately heralded by chaos, opportunity, and fuzzy logic. The realm of magic and transformation.

    It’s these subjective road signs we need to acknowledge for what they are. As in myth, the content (or context) that brought about the subjective sensation of this road sign is not important, just that you found and pegged it as such.

    Mine is fear, and it’s been forever since I really questioned WTF I am doing with magic, or demonology in this case. But that’s the driving force, like climbing a mountain. (Aside.) The fear is what drives me. Being alive.

    I look forward to seeing where you go with more of these cycles. ¡Viva caos!

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