After more than a few unexpected plunges and false starts, we do finally get a handle on what’s going on, and the cyclical nature of unfolding events.. or at least we think we have, but at least the chaos becomes more intelligible.

shamanism, the healed madman, underworld and upperworld cycles, and the real message of jesus.

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once again, marvel at the level of obtuseness that leads me to conclude that I might be done the working, only to suffer a  harrowing series of dream communications to the contrary.

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and we finish the week with something of indeterminate time index, speaking of minor thresholds, shedding reactivity, abandoning restrictive forms, and saying you’ll do something and then doing it.

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15 thoughts on “Augoeides Week 5: Fall or be Pushed

  1. After finding myself embroiled in another pointless ‘internet’ discussion concerned with a whole load of occult bollocks, I am reminded of how refreshing and absolutely vital your attitude and work is.

    Your website is a lighthouse for those adrift on the vast sea of shit that is the occult content of the internet.

    Shame on me for taking it for granted. Please consider this earnest encouragement.

  2. everybody meanders a little bit on the path. no harm in it.

    eventually i think it’s important for everyone to have some kind of grounding in a larger reality, so as to cut through the linguistic cannon fodder.

    the general reticence of a lot of occultists to do something as simple as sit still and meditate, or think clearly about their own motives without trying to attribute it to something external, can only lead to confusion.

    it’s worth remembering that a lot of those demon invocations start with a call to the godhead for support and clarity. I’ve found it invaluable, in all this HGA spin cycle, to ground myself as often as possible in some simple buddhist refuge prayers.

  3. In general the occult side of the internet is full of bullshit. I mean, sure, you were galavanting around the astral plane for eight hours on DXM. (not that I haven’t done that) But then you come back to this world, post some shibboleth-laden material on the internet, and declare yourself 0=2 King of the Sandbox. It’s also worth noting that a lot of these tools don’t actually practice, ever. Bob Wilson said maybe one in a thousand people who read Prometheus Rising did the exercises.

    Regardless, guess what? It’s still a fucking sandbox. Somewhere Mr. Zac has mentioned that part of the reason there are so many discussions about if “magic” is real or not is that so many “practitioners” haven’t taken the time to do the yogic basics, or even so much as examine their own intentions.

    “the general reticence of a lot of occultists to do something as simple as sit still and meditate, or think clearly about their own motives without trying to attribute it to something external, can only lead to confusion.”

    Another thing I might come back to would be how so many internet occultists come to either utterly asinine or totally cynical conclusions about the nature of the “occult”. E.g., one of the interviews over at smallworld, where a certain individual boils all of occultism down to “psychotherapy” and “paradigm shifting”. Great, but that doesn’t explain to me how I can smear blood on a little strip of parchment and make cash start falling onto the sidewalk. This shit always works, we are always casting spells with our every word, thought, and act, and if you supercharging that with some bona fide weird practice like mastrubating over a sigil or concentrating until you disapper doesn’t make it work, it’s from either 1. a lack of effort 2. a lack of discipline 3. an ecology issue, so shut the fuck up, turn off the computer, and go practice your concentration. My most recent suspicion on this is that, simply, we suffer from Evola’s “degeneration”: we lack any teachers with more skill to explain the ins and outs to us. In this vaccuum, anyone can come to certain conclusions regarding the ultimate nature of reality, which will almost inevitably be totally worthless, get drunk on those words, then hop on the cyberweb and shill for their half-tested darling-of-the-moment ideas. It’s my suspicion that anything that veers beyond a practical analysis (what worked, what didn’t, and why) will inevitably yield so much “bollocks”. In buddhist language I might say that without teaching hierachies it’s far too easy to swing into too much “faith” and become dogmatic (an excuse for delusion), or too much “wisdom” and become totally cynical (an excuse for laziness).

    I don’t really care to argue on the internet over whether or not me sitting in a circle reciting forgotten names until I vomit has a causal effect on reality. I’m ashamed to have even spent seventeen minutes writing this, because that’s fifteen mintues I could have spent doing said chanting, or thinking about my intentions, or cruising around in a jhana state. In conclusion, arguing over the internet is like running in the special olympics. Even if you win, you’re still retarded.

  4. Here’s my challenge: how does one integrate the idea of “cycles” with an integrative “demonic” practice like an HGA working? I ask b/c I’m out of ideas.

  5. pretty simple actually.

    the daimon/HGA functions as the ‘attractor’ if you will. as you’re pulled towards it you experience the cycles. it’s like an uroboros. classic alchemical symbolism. the snake sheds it’s skin and is reborn, and also devours it’s own tail.

    ingram talks of the cycles of insight. what he doesn’t make too explicit is how the self complex reorganises in the wake of each one. every time you see through a fundamental delusion, you have to reorganise, which brings you closer to the no-self/true self as he speaks of it. either that or you flip your shit, which is why it helps to have the focal point of the HGA, as it were. when you shatter into a million pieces, it gives you something to restructure around.

  6. ‘In conclusion, arguing over the internet is like running in the special olympics. Even if you win, you’re still retarded.’

    I think that is the funniest thing I have ever read.

  7. some related thoughts on my experience of death/rebirth from the day before listening to this post…

    for the last few months, i’ve been striving to do a few sets of pushups most days of the week (better than doing nothing at all, right?). one thing i’ve long noted but seldom admit to myself is a reluctance to take the final set of pushups (or any strength-based exercise) all the way to utter failure (when muscles are 100% tapped). usually i’ll stop at 75% or 80% or maybe even 90%, always coming up with some internal excuse not to do the extra 1 or 2 or 3 reps for that extra gain.

    the last few days though i’ve looked at things in a new way, though, which has been helpful. in short, it seems that the limit of failure is in itself a point of death. the closer we get to it (utter failure), the better the workout for our muscles (so i’ve always been taught)… yet why turn away when so close to the goal? for me, facing it head-on is a tough but interesting exercise in this regard… acknowledging the pain, suffering, and anguish you’re about to put your body through — yet it is all in the name of a more fulfilling rebirth, right?

  8. My girlfriend now thinks I’m retarded (well, more than she did before) after I was forced to explain why I was laughing to myself all night. You don’t happen to have anymore comic gems that might not have made it over here?

    I was going to post a reply to Laboratorian’s challenge, but due to a lack of material, thought it was best if I posted the whole thing in the BH blog. So my ramble is here:

  9. Not having much understanding in Magick, it’s a bit difficult for me to try and sort of piece together (piece together in a more buddhist model I guess) most of the topics here.

    Is the invocation of one’s guardian angel/spirit/whatever a way of bringing about fundamental change, much like Vipassana practice? Or is it more like a way to bring about changes in one’s undesirable behavior patterns, habits, etc. — like in a self-help sort of way. Or maybe a bit of both and more?

  10. from a buddhist perspective, the holy guardian agnel work is probably closest to tibetan tantra type practices where one visualises a deity with various archetypal qualities and then tries to absorb and internalise those energies.

    from a larger perspective it doesn’t have much to do with ‘enlightenment’ or having profound insights per se. it’s more about becoming a more fit vehicle to implement those insights in the world, so the mahayanna model of the bodhisattva might be an appropriate comparison

  11. Duncan has just pointed out it’s sometimes considered bad etiquette to link to your own site from someone elses via a comment.

    If so – apologies!

  12. I’ve seen Tim Boucher ban miscreants from his blog for this offence! (Ooh, he’s harsh…)

    Not that I’m an expert, but I’ve just come across some references in Ken Wilber that point to helpful links between western and eastern flavours of HGA… In the chapter on ‘The Subtle Realms’, in The Atman Project, Wilber references Lex Hixon on the ‘ishtadeva’ (a Hindu concept, I think). Sounds very like the HGA, and also like the Tibetan practices mentioned by Zac… I’ll be reading up on this…

  13. Tim is the Tony Soprano of blogging, it has to be said.

    and ken wilber is a god among men. i speak the truth. don’t really care for his cult though.

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