slight change of title and format now, since we’re getting to the point where I did ultimately deviate from my fast ( day 17  if anyone cares ), and re-evaluated our progress. We also capture some insights fresh off the boat from the charnel dungeon of despair that tim boucher lives in.

Back in real time, I do believe we’re closing in on the grand finale. So expect the updates to be both more frequent and covering greater spans of time as we rush towards the climax of our male-orgasm narrative.

  To come in short order: workplace disturbances, mystical initiatory dreams, a relapse into paranoia, more tarot bullshit, and a couple false conclusions before I actually start to get my act together for real.

Or so it seems from here…

 podcast page

Direct download: AUG20-borne_upon_the_waves.mp3


on the heels of our seattle trip, we have the aforementioned mystical initiatory dreams. and it’s a pretty bizzarre one, no doubt about it.

podcast page

Direct download: AUG21-to_walk_by_faith.mp3

 *update the second*

and lastly, some of that tarot bs I promised:  some more meanderings vis a vis values, justice, simplification,  and the need for decisive action.

podcast page

Direct download: AUG22-A_clutter_of_swords.mp3

11 thoughts on “Augoeides week 4: borne upon the waves

  1. Travelling under any conditions, always offers fresh perspective. A good thing. Hope all is well, and a good new year is in store. Hope to perhaps catch you next time in Seattle … maybe then our acts will be together for real for the next scene …

  2. yeah, i didn’t really have the lead time to figure out who of y’all lived in the rainy city or not. I didn’t really have time while there to make the rounds anyhow.

    And y’know, borderline derangement isn’t always the best time to make new friends. I think a few people from the bar that first night got their ears pinned back by my pent up ranting.

    but if you can get yourselves together and make me a throne of bleached skulls, I’ll be there again in a flash!

  3. This is a bit late, but when you mentioned the people in the masks with marks on their faces, the first image that came to mind for me was the one somewhere on the sight (I can’t find it now, but it doesn’t look like it’s from the ab series) with the grey faced guy with an Om in red and some other marks as well.

  4. A bit off topic, but perhaps relevant on the technical end of things…

    A few weeks ago you made a list of goals, one of which was to “acquire some portable recording devices to open up more possibilities for podcasts.” I’m wondering if you’ve explored this realm any further.

    After listening to more and more podcasts over the past several months (mainly yours and Tim’s), I’ve grown increasinly restless with my silence in my car (where I do most of my listening) and the other day stopped at Best Buy to pick up a digital voice recorder. I got their least expensive model, a Sony P320 (or something like that) for about $62.

    My goal is not to start my own podcast, but rather just to explore the new medium for getting my thoughts down. (Actually, hardly knowing anything about my grandparents is a primary motivation — I want to leave something behind for those who come after me).

    After one week, the results have been great. I’m doing a personal series of “2006 Year in Review” as well as everything from random thoughts, “movie experiences”, dream logs, and notes on personal fiction writing I’ve been long working on.

    So if nothing else, further thanks to you (and Tim) for setting a great example of how such medium can be used. There is certainly something different about speaking (to express yourself) than merely writing words down… I’m realizing that my oratory skills are enjoying the leg-work and look forward to see where it goes.

  5. Speaking of lists … I am most interested in everyone’s top rated books, that are either highly influencial or life changing.

    zac if you wouldn’t mind me asking you and our friends here (while plugging my blogsite out of necessity), to *please* create your own Top 10 Best Books in-the-whole-goldurned-world list on your own site(s), and copy it over to coment on my post:

    I believe we would all benefit from knowing people’s opinions, as books are really one of the prime means of affecting our worldview and motivation in life.

    Thanks in bunches!

  6. I’ll give some thought to the books.

    I’m reconsidering the portable recording devices. cash is a bit tight right now, for reasons i’ll be talking about later.

    what I am seriously considering, however, is buying a moderately priced webcam, so as to establish a beachhead on youtube, or google video.

    I’m sure the mind reels with the very thought of this stuff, with visuals.

  7. Are you still thinking of buying a webcam? If so I might be generous enough to paypal you the money needed, how much is needed?

    Also, any thoughts on book recommendation? Other then Mastering The Core Teachings of The Buddha!

  8. I’m probably going to do a new round of podcasts first, then explore making videos, and translating everything into a new medium. I’m not so poor these days, and webcams are pretty cheap, all told, so thanks for the offer, but I’m good.

    books wise? this is just off the top of my head, but everything by ken wilber, marshall mcluhan, howard bloom, john c lilly, RAW, douglas hoffstadter, rushkoff, terrence mckenna, a book or two from jung, crowley, wilhelm reich, dr hyatt, kurzweil, chomsky, timothy leary, joe campbell. some nlp texts from grinder and bandler won’t hurt, and I guess phil hine’s chaos magick stuff is pretty elementary, if somewhat debased. I have this ridiculous memory so I tend to hang onto good bits from otherwise useless material, so there’s a lot of things that I got some benefit from, but can’t recommend wasting the time on.

    I could probably get more specific if you wish, or go into fiction…

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