Augoeides Week 7: If You Call, I Will Answer

This buisiness is like building ships in bottles sometimes.

 The opening you have to see what you’re doing is so small compared to the scope of the task, it’s very easy to overlook things.

   But anyway, here at the end of our regular material for the working, we discuss moving from episodes to lifestyles, and at long last I talk about that voice, and how I ( try to) live with it.

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apologies for the slightly listless tone of late. things is busy down here on the ground, and diverting energy into formal communique can feel a bit awkward at times.  big things in the pipe though, rest assured, and a flourish at the end, for the Augoeides.

Augoeides Week 6: Nothing Else Matters

We’re almost over now, for this exercise. So I’m glad this is perhaps my favorite out of the series, or at least, the one that came together the best, and not in some feverish half conscious delerium of pain and confusion.

That’s a good sign, if nothing else.

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Augoeides Week 6: Crossing The Threshold

 It’s not very often I’ve had occasion to pause, and perhaps tremble slightly, at some of the possibilities of my particular lifestyle. Some things you’d like to be ready for, but you’re almost certain you aren’t.

   So we talk a bit about one of those rare intervals, where a truly irrevocable change becomes possible. Things done here, never get undone.

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Augoeides Week 5: Fall or be Pushed

  After more than a few unexpected plunges and false starts, we do finally get a handle on what’s going on, and the cyclical nature of unfolding events.. or at least we think we have, but at least the chaos becomes more intelligible.

shamanism, the healed madman, underworld and upperworld cycles, and the real message of jesus.

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once again, marvel at the level of obtuseness that leads me to conclude that I might be done the working, only to suffer a  harrowing series of dream communications to the contrary.

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and we finish the week with something of indeterminate time index, speaking of minor thresholds, shedding reactivity, abandoning restrictive forms, and saying you’ll do something and then doing it.

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Augoeides week 4: borne upon the waves

slight change of title and format now, since we’re getting to the point where I did ultimately deviate from my fast ( day 17  if anyone cares ), and re-evaluated our progress. We also capture some insights fresh off the boat from the charnel dungeon of despair that tim boucher lives in.

Back in real time, I do believe we’re closing in on the grand finale. So expect the updates to be both more frequent and covering greater spans of time as we rush towards the climax of our male-orgasm narrative.

  To come in short order: workplace disturbances, mystical initiatory dreams, a relapse into paranoia, more tarot bullshit, and a couple false conclusions before I actually start to get my act together for real.

Or so it seems from here…

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on the heels of our seattle trip, we have the aforementioned mystical initiatory dreams. and it’s a pretty bizzarre one, no doubt about it.

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 *update the second*

and lastly, some of that tarot bs I promised:  some more meanderings vis a vis values, justice, simplification,  and the need for decisive action.

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