The last day of the ritual as it had been initially conceived.  With the trek to seattle, things took an altered turn.

 So suitably, this day represents a pretty good mini climax of many of the established themes so far.

  Our revelatory double header starts with some contemplation of how you ‘know’ a holy guardian angel is what it appears to be, or if you’re being parasitized by the dregs of the abyss.  Some considerations revolving around death, rebirth, and some synchronisticly arisen reflection on personal history.

Direct download: AUG18-the_serpent_loom.mp3

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And, in the evening, a kind of personal resolution that I don’t anticipate will neccissarily mean a whole lot to anyone else, being rather intimately tied into that personal history I just talked about erasing, but it’s something I had been looking for, for a long time.

Direct download: AUG19-crowned_in_shadows.mp3

podcast page here

6 thoughts on “Augoeides Day 19: The Shadow Knows…

  1. The insights you discuss here sound of a type that might have arisen through psychotherapy. Do you acknowledge any difference between the work you’ve done and self-psychotherapy?

    You set out to contact the augoeides, it seems, as part of an over-arching intent, which you have now fulfilled – i.e. the insights discussed here. Wouldn’t a working to attain knowledge and communication of the augoeides begin and end purely with that aim? Are you planning work to test and/or communicate further with those intriguing entities you’ve now opened a channel with?

    Happy New Year!

    How was Tim’s (Le Boucher’s) basement? Full of severed heads?

  2. Love what you are doing with the series, really going to some interesting places.
    I have always wondered why there is not more documented rituals/workings like this on the internet. There is a lot of how to manuals, but not a lot of field studies for personal magickal workings that are worth anything past Crowley, and I dont think that the way he frames things has a lot of relevence to a modern media saturated mind without a lot of hard effort.

    I like what you said in this podcast about the small deaths, and about not picking up the threads of the previous “life” if you dont want to. Powerful insightful stuff.

    Keep up the good work.

  3. No, duncan, I don’t think there’s neccisarily that much difference. it’s important to remember that models describe things, describe the reality. the boundaries between different kinds of models is mostly arbitrary.

    that said, the buddhist psychology i use is pretty heavily informed by classical psychotherapy, as well as the yogic systems of asia and some aspects of vertical development that the west lacks almost completely, or develops somewhat poorly.

    if you proceed from the typical paradigm of western psychotherapy, you’re always trying to arrive at some state of homeostasis, or ‘normal’. which is pretty arbitrary to begin with. the idea that there are states of hypernormal functioning is conceivable to them, but there’s no framework to actually do it.

    to answer your other question; you’re right, the over arching intent went beyond just ‘contact’. i suppose in some sense it was to turn down the noise level in the channel and allow the voice to reassert itself, which it appears to have done. but the larger part of it was cleaning up my life so as to untangle the situation that created the blockage in the first place, rather than simply try and drown it under more altered state experiences.

    …and let us not forget, there are still a few twists before this thing is near over.

  4. One thing I’ve taken away from this series is a totally renewed outlook on failure in general. This surely draws from the recent experience of making lists of goals (Alc for the Braindamaged series) as well as crafting some New Years resolutions.

    It all makes me realized how blatantly unacceptable failure, in general, seems to be in our society (or at least in my world). Schooling made it very clear that failure was an utterly horrible thing and was to be avoided, “…or else.” But its all bullshit. Failure is all over the place. Tons of my goals never get done, and many of them end up quite differently at the end than I imagined at outset. But why is this a bad thing? If anything, it teaches you what is of true importance and what is merely on the surface.

    I think part of the reason that “New Years Resolutions” are somewhat scoffed at is because most all people “fail” eventually… and b/c failure is not allowed, they’d just as soon pretend the goals never existed instead of facing their faults and getting back on the horse. I guess it seems important to me to acknowledge the fact that we *will* fall down in at some point in the future, and it may well hurt. But the real issue is what we do after we fall down (ie, get up!) (Forgive me, I just realized I ripped off Alfred in the latest Batman).

    I’d say “keep up the good work”, but with these posting delays, I’m not sure it already hasn’t been kept up with! An extra mindtrip bonus for us “listening as it happens” folk, I suppose.

  5. Zac, I’m wondering how you usually get into these high concentration states. Have you messed around with Kundalini yoga, or just the typical concentration on the breath/visualization, etc.?

  6. long, long, detailed instruction in the traditional buddhist jhannas. and our school places a special emphasis on doing them as part of walking meditation so you get a much faster acclimation effect to doing them in the face of adverse interactions with the world.

    more than anything i reccomend a bit of reading in nlp and how to anchor resource states. this really helps with the first four jhannas and access. after that it peters out but if you’ve got an anchor for firing off the fourth jhanna reliably, you’ve got very little to worry about.

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